Here kitty kitty...

Now that the hustle and bustle of seminar is over, it's back to work! This kitty is from a new set called Playful Pets that has five images and 3 sentiments.

I trimmed the card front a bit short with my Cloud Scissors and placed a seafoam strip (Reece cardstock) on the inside base.

More Lemonade Blossoms & Buttons (are you sick of these yet?) and Scrapper's Floss. I stamped the 'hi' and punched it out & then layered it over the top of one of the thick buttons... worked out great, and no need to add a mat :) Luvin' the Reece Ribbon with buttons on top.

I colored with Prismacolors and mineral oil... still my favorite method! The eyes on this one came out pretty cool... after I colored, I put a layer of Crystal Lacquer over them. I just love the effect it gives.

And that's it!

What do you think?


Exciting Seminar 2009!!

I had an absolute blast this past weekend! It was so great to catch up with my fellow Angel friends, swap cards and ideas, and just forget about the daily grind at the office! It seemed to just fly by, and definitely ended way too soon :)

Good news #1: I've got the new Inspiration Book and Catalogue in my hands!! In fact, I have several boxes of them! If you are interested in getting one, let me know via email and we'll exchange information! The cost is $5 plus shipping, but you will get your $5 back with your first order from me!! And my 'regulars' {whoa... that sounds kinda funny... if you know what I'm sayin' :) } get one free!

Good news #2: I was asked to submit work to possibly be included in the new catty, and I've got three cards and a door hanger project that made the cut! TAC will even have a free downloadable template on their website soon to make it easy-peasy to re-create the door hanger!
I am so honored! In case you are curious, my creations occur on pages 41, 69, 87, and on the inside back cover!

Good news #3: I was able to put real faces to the webbie avatars of so many wonderful ladies! It makes the world seem a little smaller when you can talk face-to-face with someone you've never 'met' before. With the whirl-wind of activity, I hope I was able to meet most of the attendees... if not, there is always next year!!

Good news #4: I still cannot believe it, but I was one of the recipients of The Angel Award. What makes this so special? Well, instead of being selected by the corporate office, recipients have been nominated and chosen by fellow Angel demonstrators!

I cannot express how honored and truly touched I am. I did not cry! But I did choke up a bit :) And we all know how I just LOVE being in the spotlight {insert panic attack here} and getting my picture taken {insert heart palpitations and dilating eyes here}. So now I am truly a princess... yep, I've got the tiara :)

I want to thank all of my kind & wonderful Angel friends for nominating me... you truly are angels :)

BTW... to all of my loyal and awesome commentors... I'm so sorry I haven't returned the favor, but this past week and current week are crazy!! I promise to pick up the slack soon!!!


The New TAC Inspiration Book Mini-Blog Hop - Day 3

Oh no! It's the last day of our mini-hop... but it was oh-so-much fun! Not as fun as Seminar, but it was close :)

I saved my favorite card for last!! This Hit the Beach image is abso-freakin-lutely adorable! It makes me giggle every time I look at it...


... see?!

Hit the Sandy Beach Card

Stamps: Hit the Beach

Paper: Bazzill Mono-Yellows, Amberley Grace, Kraft, White UltraSmooth, & Lilly Anna cardstocks

Ink: Noir Palette

Other: seashells, misc. ribbon, Antique Linen & Frayed Burlap Distress Stickles, Turquoise & Waterfall Stickles, Copics, Cloud Scissors, Prismacolors & mineral oil, Crystal Lacquer

I used the Distress Stickles for the sand, and it also helped to secure the seashells to the bow :) Crystal Lacquer really adds oomph to the goggles & sunglasses... OH.. maybe I should add some to the pink innertube & surfboard! That would add a little more shine... oooooo... me likey :)

And don't forget to check out what
Laurie and Melisa
have to show you!! Fantastic stuff as always!!

What do you think?


The New TAC Inspiration Book Mini-Blog Hop - Day 2

Can you believe it is Day 2 already? I know! More having fun, more creating, and less sleep! :) It just doesn't get much better than this :) Oh, wait... maybe it DOES... because I have another new tidbit for you from the new 2009-2010 Inspiration Book & Catalogue from The Angel Company!!

Heart Postage of Love Card

Stamps: Flourish Trees of Hope, Friendship Stamps

Paper: Premium White, Scarlet, & Black cardstocks

Ink: Red Magic VM, Moonlight White Brilliance

Other: Scor-Pal, Giga Scallop Square Punch, White Scrapper's Floss, Mia's Cottage Ribbon, Elizabeth Blossoms & Buttons, foam tape, 1/16" hole punch, pearl-head pin

The ink really does match in real life... it is giving off a weird sheen in my not-so-professional photos :) It's also hard to see the score lines above & below the black strip... but trust me, they're there!!

I love how this turned out! I've been trying to figure out how Laurie can make all of the awesome clean & crisp-looking cards that she does. So this one is for you my WOSFF (web-o-sphere friend forever)!! Not that I love love you, but you know what I'm saying :)

Don't forget to check out what
Laurie and Melisa
have to show you!!

What do you think?


The New TAC Inspiration Book Mini-Blog Hop - Day 1

Hello o' wunnerful readers o' mine! I am off at Seminar and I am having an awesome time... laughing, catching up, and drooling over all of the new fun stuff in the new catty!!

A few Angel friends and I wanted to give everyone a little treat while we're away... samples showcasing some of the fantastic new stamp sets from the new 2009-2010 Inspiration Book and Catalogue from The Angel Company!!

We'll be posting every afternoon today, tomorrow and Sunday, so be sure to check back!

Pelican Collage Card

Stamps: Exotic Bird Collages (coming soon!!)

Paper: Kraft, White UltraSmooth, and Bazzill Mono-Yellows cardstocks, card base from stash

Ink: Burnt Umber Palette

Other: Prismacolors w/ mineral oil, White Gel Pen, Toodle Loo Hardware

I LOVE this set! And I really think this makes a great masculine card. Wait until you see the other images in this set! :)
And DON'T WAIT to see what
Laurie and Melisa
have created!! Go check them out!!!

What do you think?


Quickie pictureless post...

Sorry guys! Just wanted to pop in here and say that I won't be posting anything until Friday afternoon! Work is crazy and I still have a bunch of stuff to do before tomorrow! So, tune in Friday... you'll be glad you did :)


Short & Tweet...

This is my loser entry for this month's TAC contest, Beautiful Birdies... but I can see why! Go HERE and check all of the winners... Kim's birdie card is fantastic, as are all of the other entries!

Here are the deets for mine:

Stamps: Bird Cage, Fleur Birdies, Tag Tidbits, Script Background, Sweet Thing (retired)

Paper: Juliette SWIC & Cardstock, White UltraSmooth cs

Ink: VersaMark, Burnt Umber, Toile Pink, Violette & Noir Palettes

Other: Aquacolor crayons w/ Niji brush, Audrey Embellishment Jar, White & Brown Floss, misc. buttons, Angelee Ribbon, Pop Dots & Crystal Lacquer, foam tape

You can barely see in these photos, but I stamped the Script Background in Toile Pink before watercoloring the birdcage image, and stamped the leaf image in VersaMark above the ribbon.

The birdie is popped up & then covered with Crystal Laquer. The 'short &' sentiment was stamped, edged, and then I snipped between letters to curve around the cage and lift off of the card.

To finish it all off, I just kept piling on the buttons & flowers!

What do you think?

pst... you should head over to Anna's blog for a big ol' heap of rubber stamp goodness!!


365 Challenge, Day #113...

It is Day #113: Super Sketchy Sunday at the 365 Cards blog!

The colorful background is one that I had created HERE for a technique class... and I am finally actually using it! This is the one that was done on glossy paper w/ Oxy-Clean.

Stamps: Butterfly Bits, Happy Thoughts (coming soon!)

Paper: White UltraSmooth, Glossy cs, & Bazzill white cs

Ink: Toile Pink & Boudoir Blush Palettes, Calypso K-pad

Other: Audrey Embellishment Jar, Lemonade Blossoms & Buttons, White Scrapper's Floss, misc. sheer ribbon

What do you think?


Happy Thoughts...

One of the benefits of being a TAC Angel, is that we can sometimes get our hands on new stamp sets before anyone else {insert halo held up by horns here} :) Don't you just LOVE new catalogue time?!!

Stamps: Happy Thoughts, Sunday Afternoon (both coming soon!)
Paper: Lilly Anna, Amberly Grace, and Ivory UltraSmooth cardstocks, Mulberry Meadow cardstock (retired)
Ink: Lavender Sachet & Noir Palettes, VersaMark
Other: Prismacolors w/ mineral oil, Icicle Stickles, Audrey Embellishment Jar, Lemonade Blossoms & Buttons, White Scrapper's Floss, foam tape, Cutterbee Bug piercing tool, Scor-Pal

I stamped the flower line borders first in VersaMark, and then slightly off-image in Lavender Sachet... this gives a very subtle shadow.

I used my CB tool with my Scor-Pal for a quick & easy straight line of piercing. You can also run the tool along the edge of a ruler if you don't have the SP, but then again, you really SHOULD have the Scor-Pal... it has all kinds of uses :)

And don't forget! You've only got until Friday the 26th to place an order for the current catalogue! I'll already be at Seminar at that time, so you can always use my online shopping site!

What do you think?

OMG... how cute is this...

I know this is supposed to be a papercrafting blog and all, but I HAD to share this photo I snapped today. I can't believe they did not wake up when I stood up to grab the camera.

The World's Cutest Babies Ever strike again :)


Quickie post...

Are you sick of the robots yet? I hope not, because they are freakin' adorable! I'm stuck on this cute little rollie guy :) I promise this is the last one for a little while {well... maybe :)}

Stamps: Robots, misc. TAC 'hi'

Paper: Lilly Anna cs, Toodle Loo cs (dark pink), White UltraSmooth cs
nk: Noir Palette

Other: Prismacolors w/ mineral oil, Pewter Hardware, Lilly Anna Ribbon, Circle & Scallop Sq. Nesties, Cloud Scissors, thin jewelry wire, foam tape, Crystal Laquer

Very simple! I had cut a circle out of the green and it left such a pretty embossed edge, that I saved it to use as a frame... it fit this little guy perfectly!

What do you think?

Honest Scrap blog award...

... from Bridgett! Isn't she a sweetie?! She is a fellow Angel and a truly genuine person. She gave me this award:Here is what she said about why she chose me:

BARB because she is an awesome Angel. She is helpful and caring and wonderful. She is uber talented and once you read her blog, you'll want to follow her!

Stop it! You are making me blush :)

There are a few requirements to accepting the Honest Scrap Award and they are as follows:

1) I must thank the person who gave me the award and list their blog and link.

So, thank you very much, Bridgett!! You truly are an Angel :)

2) I must list 10 honest things about myself.

OMG... ok.

#1 I feel horribly self-conscious because of my weight {hey... it says be honest!}

#2 I appear very outgoing and upbeat over the blogosphere and to my very close personal friends, but trust me... I'm really notsomuch :)

#3 I used to think that I wanted to be some uber-awesome career minded Architect, but I would be perfectly content being a housewife.

#4 I love babies & kids even though I can not have any of my own. However, I don't know that I would have enough patience for them, so I think there is a reason I'm destined to only be an aunt :) {but I REALLY love holding babies when they're asleep on their bellies laying on my chest so I can pat them... babies always smell so good :)}

#5 I wish I could really learn the whole TAC biz and have that be my full time job {if the aforementioned housewife option isn't possible :)}

#6 Even though I LOVE movies & TV, I would rather be in my stamp room (duh).

#7 I would love to design my own house and live just outside of town on about 5 or 10 acres... except for the whole creepy-crawly-flying-bug-thing and other Nature stuff :)

#8 I am known in a few circles as a witch :) A couple of my co-workers even pimped-out a broom for me, complete with padded seat, dust pan mud flap, and a nice gold beaded reign-system... and yes, they WERE bored that day at work :) But I'm not apologizing for being the way I am, especially in a male-dominated work field... if I say something needs to be done, it NEEDS to be done, no excuses and no down-talking because I'm a chick! :)

#9 I wish Halloween happened more than once a year.

#10 I have a few little OCD quirks, but not enough to seek help or medication :) Just ask my friends... although, THEY might think I need help or medication :)

3) Now I am supposed to pass this blog award to 5 other people, so here they are:

Laurie: I've become such great friends with her over the web-o-sphere! She is funny and talented and a really down-to-earth gal :) We think a lot alike (scary!) and I can't wait to see you next week! :)

Sarah: Another webbie Angel friend :) Super talented in a multitude of crafts other than just paper! Felting, sewing, on and on... this link is for her general crafting site, so be sure to click on her other Studio site, too! And I can't wait to see you next week, too :)

Anna: Is funny and sweet, and is aquiring the mad-skills on the Copics, about which I'm SO jealous :) She is the Challenge Blog queen!

Kim: Another Challenge Blog queen, and a true Angel in every sense of the word :) She always has an encouraging comment, and I bet she also always has a smile on her face :)

Michelle: Another sweetie... and one that doesn't live too far away! Always has wonderful things to say, and yet another talented Angel and friend :)

I have a couple of honorable mentions {insert evil winky smirk here}... Beverly, who hasn't been able to blog due to her house fire a few months ago, but WILL be back in the saddle (or computer chair) come Fall!!! :) -- And Cindy, who should really take this award, but hasn't updated in {cough} how long? Yeah, uh huh. She truly is a SCRAPBOOKER and photo junkie {mwah... luv ya'} :)

There really are a TON of people who need this award (you know who you are!!), so I say GRAB IT! :)


Just Roll With It, Girl!

... yep... my mojo wandered back to me :) I had some help, though... this little dude is a double challenge combo for 365 Cards Challenge Blog... Day #106: Super Sketchy Sunday and Day #107: So Girly.

I know... she is just adorable... just check out the close-up shots with all of the Stickles! Don't you just LOVE pink robots? :) My fellow Angel and friend, Seleise, made up a couple of cutie robots herself!

Here are the deets on this one:

Stamps: Robots (pre-release!!), This Girl, Linear Sentiments
Paper: Lilly Anna SWIC & Lilly Anna Cardstock, White UltraSmooth, Toodle Loo Cardstock (dk. pink)
Ink: Toile Pink & Noir Palettes
Colorant: Prismacolors & mineral oil
Other: Lilly Anna Hardware, Super Jumbo Flower Punch & circle punches, Diamond Stickles, flower jewel, Pop Dots, foam tape, Crystal Laquer

All of the pinks really do match better in real life... my photography skills are lacking!

Tip of the Day: after punching out the flower, cut between the petals about half way down. Then take a small dowel rod or a round chopstick and curl the petals under at the tips, and then up toward the center. Place a pop dot under the center to lift it off of the card base for more dimension!

I put a little bit of Crystal Laquer over her eyes, which turns out pretty cool IRL.

What do you think?
Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net


{heavy sigh}

I'm tellin' ya'... my mojo has left again... so I apologize now :)

This card was made with some leftovers from my class the other night. Instead of creating a scrapbook page, where most of the leftovers came from, I slapped this card together.

Stamps: Linear Sentiments, Creative Inspiration
Paper: White UltraSmooth, DCWV Neutrals Stack
Ink: Moulin Rouge & Noir Palettes
Other: White Scrapper's Floss, misc. buttons, CutterBee Bug Piercer, sanding block

I'm hoping to have something for you tomorrow or Tuesday... wish me luck :)

Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net


Super simple...

First off, Amy Tsuruta is the recipient of my Cuppie Cake Friday cards... Amy, please email me your snail mail!!

Now, this super simple card is being shown today because my mojo has gone missing, and I have nothing new to show you! Bonus... this counts for one of my Christmas Club cards for Paper Wings!!

He is pretty cute, though. I stamped the sentiment and snowman from Hello Snow with Noir Palette in and water-colored him with my Lyra AquaColor crayons & Niji waterbrush. I stamped the snowy swirl from Ready Set Snow in VersaMark on the Basic Blue background, and Seascape Palette on the White UltraSmooth panel.

Tip of the Day:
I used a cheater-knot on this card. I taped a small length of gingham ribbon on the back of the panel and then tied a knot after-the-fact. This way, you can slide the knot along the ribbon until it looks like it is in the right spot :)

I finished him off with a little bit o' Icicle Stickles on part of his hat and on the ground. Done!

What do you think?


Creepy Halloweenie Boo Birdhouses...

Tonight I've got the last of my Art Shares! Well, I had an additional one, but I had made one similar and had posted it before HERE... it was for Suzanne. She has a couple of boys and lives in Florida, so I thought it was totally her :) Hope you like it, Suzanne!!

I made these Halloweenie Boo Birdhouses for Bren. She is my downline from Wichita and she said to just surprise her with something... muhuhuwahh
ahh ahh
aaaaaaahhhh! `:) What was she getting
herself into?!

I LOVE THESE... and I almost wanted to start another project and keep these for myself. But, no no no... I was good and gave them away :) Me... good... ha ha ha... no comments from the peanut gallery...

{cough... CINDY... cough}

Anyway, I had these envisioned stuck in a plant centerpiece... mossy and dark. Or, if you want to go the fun route, in a big bowl of candy corn :)

I'm sorry to say that there isn't ANY product from TAC on this project... that's a first in a LONG time for me! But I am a collector of all that is Halloween and there just isn't any creepy stuff to be had from TAC {HINT HINT HINT} I know... not too subtle, but just in case Mischelle is reading along :)

What is bad, since I am a collector, is that I didn't keep track of some of the manufacturers... sorry guys!

I purchased the wooden mini-birdhouses from Michael's and painted them with green, black, and metallic copper paint. I roughed up some Halloweenie paper (unknown) and glued it to the birdhouses with PVA. I even made some scallop shingles on the roof... see...
cute AND creepy :)

I have no idea where the uber-creepy abso-freakin'-lutely awesome holey trim came from, but I think I'm in love :)

I covered some ugly brown chipboard letters with more paper and inked up the edges.. and then I just started layering! It's hard to see unless you zoom in, but there are these cool Halloweenie transparencies from Little Yellow Bicycle.. a cat and a bat. They are out at the face of the roof while the rest of the schtuff is set back with the face of the house... so they're just kinda hangin'...

me likey.

I found the glittery spiders from a party supply place... yep, they are table confetti... well, maybe not confetti, but cool nevertheless :)

And that's it! Seriously, the pictures are not the greatest because it was cloudy and I had to play with them in PhotoShop... but maybe Bren can take a better photo and post it for me :)

What do you think?


Home Decor Blog Hop - Cliffside Wave

Well, Saturday's little scrapfest did NOT deplete my scrap pile!! :) But everyone had so much fun... and that's what counts! We stayed up WAY too late; even my K9-kids are still pooped!

But oh-what fun! So much laughing and sharing techniques... and no worries about the laundry getting done or dusting the furniture or what the husbands are up to...

{kickin' back in the chair}

it just doesn't get much better. :)

On to the fun for the day! A few TAC Angels are having a Home Decor blog hop and I decided to show another one of my Art Share projects. This is a mixed media hardboard canvas painting that I sent to Melisa... Cliffside Wave... a little painting-with-paper project.

The photos posted here really do not do this justice. Please click on the photos for a larger view.

This piece is a very textured work.
.. I didn't even use a paintbrush until the very end when I applied the copper Glimmer Mist. Nope... I used a paint palette knife and my hands :) Nothin' like gettin' down-n-dirty with art! I had a blast working on this and definitely intend to create more!

Paper: Amberley Grace SWIC & Cardstock

Ink: Reflection Blue, Cote d'azure, Ballet Blue, & Water Lily Green Palette re-inkers

Other: pre-primed hardboard canvas, gesso (Liquitex), pewter metallic & white acrylic paint, structure gel & pumice (Galeria), Copper Glimmer Mist, palette knife

Check out the wonderful work these other ladies have done:

Melisa - http://paperliciousdesigns.blogspot.com

Ellie - http://www.elliesstampgarden.com

Jamie -

Chris -

Rita -

Kim -

Carol -

What do you think?