I've been needing to build up my "man card" stash as of late, but only have a few spare moments in any given day.  So here is a quickie for the man in your life... 
Well... not THAT kind of quickie ;)

 A few scraps of twill & thin cork held together with a few mini-staples (Tim Holtz) creates the super-simple base for this design.  A little Walnut Stain ink sponged around the card edge grunges it up a bit.

 Inside & out I used Paper Smooches' "Word Salad" sentiments.

What I love most?  The new Wood Veneers from Studio Calico... love love LOVE them!
What do you think?



Have you missed me?  I can NOT believe it's been, what, six months since I checked in with the ol' blog!  Well, I'll try to keep it short and sweet... but you KNOW how long-winded I get ;)  A few updates:
My new business, Foster Technical Services, LLC, is really starting to pick up... I have a few home builders that I steadily work with along with a few remodeling jobs, so all is well on that front!  I also still work at The Scrapbook Page two-to-four days a week... plus teaching the Copic classes there.  Still loving it... it really IS my fun job :)


Thor is doing very well, though he is blind now.  You can't tell by looking at him... you just wait until he bumps into something or looks in a different direction than where your voice is coming from!  He's got the ol' grey muzzle now, but is still the CA-YOOTEST little redhead EVER!!  He is very happy, lazy, loves getting treats and REALLY loves his mommy & daddy :)


I have been having uncontrollable urges to de-clutter & Spring-clean!  I have a stock-pile of clothes, pillows, blankets & towels that I have washed and bagged up, ready for donating!  Not to mention many other household items, stuffed animals, crafty stuff... etc.  I have no patience for garage sales, so I'm going the donation route!  Poot FINALLY got rid of clothes that were too small for him, and I got rid of clothes that are now too big for me!  I have a deep-seeded wish for a kitchen similar to this:

And perhaps a living room like this:

 Ahhhhh... to dream.  Ok ok... how about a dose of reality:

Uber-good news:  I have lost well over 30 pounds!  I haven't owned a scale in many years, so I can't be sure how much I really got up to, so I calculated it from what I remember weighing a couple of years ago.  Yep... well over 30 pounds!  All from replacing Coke & sweet tea drinks with water!  Oh, and a couple of times a week I eat "Healthy Choice" frozen meals for lunch.  I still sugar my coffee & eat chocolate and all of that, but I have noticed that I have been eating smaller portions in general.  I will say that working at The Page helps with keeping active... just from walking around so much.  Yeay!

But you didn't tune in to talk about fur-babies & weight loss... you wanna see some papercraft action, yes?  I'll admit it... I have been so swamped that I really only create cards for my classes now... how sad is that?  The good news is that they turn out pretty awesome :)  I have so many that I haven't blogged, that I have no shortage of card creativity to show you.  Now to just magically create more hours in the day to do that!

ANYhoo, check out this bit of awesomeness for my upcoming Spring Copic 101 card class in mid-March:

Love love LOVE this new Authentique "Seasons: Summer" line of paper!  And I am NOT a fan of yellow... but along with shades of warm grey & blue-green...

The stamp is from Hero Arts, which is from a clear set with several cute images, and I'm sure you recognize Memory Box clouds when you see them :)
I want to make an entire set of these bad boys!  There is just a slight difference between these two cards, but I can't tell which one I like better... I think maybe the one with the chevron on top.
Clean, simple, yet delightful :)
I've still got to figure out the other three cards for class, but I can tell you right now that this is my fave!

What do you think?
(I've missed you, too!)