So, you wanna know what I've been up to? [wink wink]

Look at all of this stuff!!! This is the mock up of the up-coming craft fair on Saturday... the hubby is about to kill me because he can't have his prime viewing area of the t.v....

That is all for now... must get back to work!



Ok, since Laurie [a.k.a. Hagatha] can't wait another day for a post, here it is:

I've been so crazy-busy trying to get everything finished and set up for the HolidayMart on Saturday, that I haven't had time to blog lately. I still need to take some photos of some of the projects so I can post them here and on the PaperWings forum, but alas, no. I've got GardnerStampClub tonight, so I'm not sure when I'll be home, and then I've got to work on some more stuff! Hopefully I can breathe a little bit Saturday after 4pm! Could it be a BudLight weekend? Perhaps a little Bombay Saphire & tonic? hmmmmm......


OMG!!! Poor kitty....

So, my two *angels* (aka Heidi & Thor) trapped a cat in our backyard this evening. All three of them were under the deck and it was totally dark outside and I couldn't see a thing... the racket was horrific!! Somehow (who knows how this worked) I got them into the house, hoping the cat would quickly escape the same way he came through the fence... hello, it is a 6 foot privacy fence... WTH? Anyhoo, the little stink decided to hobble up the deck steps and planted himself there... staring through the sliding door at the dogs, Brandon, and myself. It was hissing and totally pissed off the whole time he was coming up the steps (kinda creepy, like horror movie creepy), so I couldn't see how badly he was hurt. Me, being an animal lover, immediately went to the bathroom to hurl because I am so upset (I know, what a 'girl'). I called a few of our neighbors to see if he belonged to anyone, but he didn't and he didn't have a collar or anything... so, I had to call Animal Control. I felt so bad, but he wouldn't leave and the dogs have to go outside, so I had no choice.

Animal Control Guy (aka Gardner 'Public Safety') shows up... who, by the way, looked about 14 years old... he asks me questions... name, d.o.b., blah blah blah... I ask him if he wants my social security number next! Jeebus. Anyhoo, young puppy proceeds to grab the cat (with gloves) and take him to the van. Well, the cat wanted no part of this horse-hockey and clings to puppy's arm. He is flailing his arm like crazy, the cat flies off, and runs under the neighbors truck and then climbs up in the under-carriage. Young pup took another 10-15 minutes trying to coax the poor cat back to the van (yeah, like I would go along nicely with someone that had just flung me through the air... are you freakin' smokin' crack?!).

I still feel bad and I hope that the kitty is okay and that his family finds him.

Bah humbug?

I'm trying to get into the holiday spirit... but it is so stressful. I don't really even enjoy them anymore because of all of the rushing around, drama, and commercialism... it's damn near depressing sometimes. So, to try to counter-act some o' that, I've been trying to be creative. This is a little wooden ornament frame that we did at this month's class at my house. The ribbon & frame is from JoAnn's... it was a little tough popping the tree off, but I got it! It is covered with the VintageHoliday paper that is no longer available (sorry), Bazzill cardstock, sentiment is from HolidayMagic, and of course there is Stickles!!! This makes a great inexpensive gift, and I bet it would be even cuter in our MerryWishes paper (I'm waiting for my order to get here!!!).


Stamp-a-Stack Saturday!!!

Woo Hoo! Finally a photo. This one is a bit on the boring side perhaps, but lately I've needed a little simplicity in my life! For this card, I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder in my Big Shot directly to the DCWV card base. Then I just ran the Violette Palette Ink pad over to catch the raised areas. I finished it off with a little Bazzill cardstock accent, raffia ribbon, and the sentiment is from TAC's SimplyChristmas set. This is another one of my Stamp-a-Stack cards that we will be doing tomorrow afternoon!! Nothing like finishing up late the night before! I've got to start planning a little better...


I know, I know...

Where the heck have I been? I was doing so well at keeping up and then BOOM! Nothing. Well, I have been busy getting my monthly class materials prepared, as well as everything needed for my Stamp-a-Stack on Saturday. I still have a ton of stuff to do for the holiday mart on December 1st, my 'regular' job, Shriners' activities, etc. Yikes. No wonder everyone gets stressed this time of year... look how busy everyone is! And I don't even have kids! I can't even imagine throwing that one in there, too... dang!

No fun photo today...I haven't scanned anything in awhile, but maybe this weekend.


Lookin' for the weekend....

It was crazy-busy at the office today, so I was glad I could come home and spend some quality time in my studio.

This is one of the cards in my upcoming Stamp-a-Stack on November 17th. Very simple to make, but quite lovely. I must be one of the last ones to get the now retired and no longer available VintageHoliday paper! Jealous? ;) DCWV cardstock and the HolidayMagic stamp set finishes it off nicely.



Every once in awhile you have to re-visit some of the things that you've done. Take this card for example. An oldie, but it has a good concept. The second photo shows the pull-out. I took the retired sample ring of Levelor blinds home one night from the office and did a little heat embossing on them! Yep, this is made with strips of mini-blinds. Even though all of the TAC stamps shown here are retired, I just thought I'd share an interesting concept: you just don't know until you try!


Is it really Monday tomorrow...

Totally uneventful day today. I didn't get to get creative until about 9pm or so... only did one card for my upcoming class. I did manage to take down all the Halloween stuff from outside... I'm sure the neighbors appreciate that!!!

Here's a card a made a while back, but it is still hip! It is made with the soon to be retired Cheers stamp set, UptownGirl paper, pink Bazzill cardstock, a little magenta Stickles, Noir & Claret Palette ink, and a tiny bit of black Scrapper's Floss. I like this stamp because it can be used for any celebration, not just holidays.


OMG! My hairdresser went crazy...

My cousin, Jody, cut my hair tonight... don't worry, she went to school for it and everything, but I think she went a little scissor-happy this evening. I love her to pieces, and I know it takes time to get used to a 'new do'... but holy bejeezus! I'm hoping after I color it and it has a chance to calm down after a few days that I will like it better... right now my hair is a little bit ANGRY. I'm used to long hair, as in past my shoulders. Now, I can barely tuck it behind my ear! yikers.
This is one of the cards I created for my monthly class... it's stamping with bleach. I used the pumpkin from BooBash, sentiment is from Trendy Greetings, and the bookplate is from HipHardware.


Is it Friday yet? [yes, I would like a little cheese w/ my whine...]

I was completely worthless at the office today. I didn't get much done, which totally bites since I need to get stuff done! Well, on to the fun stuff:
Isn't he the cutest? [the card to the left...duh] I'm usually not one for 'cute cute' stuff, but I totally dig this little guy. He is from BooBash, which is retiring in December... I am totally bummed. I love this set. I used Prismacolor pencils and Gamasol on a 3x3 Bazzill card. The sentiment is pop-dotted for a little dimension. This size card is great for gift tags or little 'just a note'-kind-of-things.
TAC has extended their Double Benefits and has a great Merry Wishes special going on. If you are interested, post a comment!