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By day, I am a not-so-mild mannered Architectural Designer for my own company, Foster Technical Services, LLC.  By night, I am Miss Artsy Arts-n-Crafts... or as my buddy Cindy would say:  Bomb-diggity Barb... well, at least I try to be :)

I am married to the MOST unromantic man in the world, Poot, but he's all mine :)  I am the mother of the Ca-Yootist four-legged fur-babies EVER, who by the way, should TOTALLY count as a tax deductions... I'm just sayin'.

A lot of you know this already, but I love ALL THAT IS HALLOWEEN and the macabre.  My home decor reflects this year-round... not like Addams Family decor or anything... THAT is saved for the month of October :)