No way... two posts in three days... crazy.

So I found a glittered chipboard banner at the Target $1 spot. It had two hearts and two each of the X's and O's all strung on a light pink sheer ribbon. I took it apart, put the ribbon in my 'stash', and made this first card with the Curls& Swirls and New Canvas & Lavender Palette Inks from TAC (the sentiment is from a retired set).
So, for only $1 I'll be able to get four large, glittery embellishments (plus the huge length of pink ribbon) to use on scrapbook pages, cards, or whatever! Just thought I'd share my great buy for the day.
What do you think?


I know... WTH?

I am slowly being driven crazy.

[Great opener, right?]

It's not one big thing... it's lots of little things. One: my scanner is no longer working. This impacts a couple of things... a: I can't scan & therefore cannot upload any new work I've created... b: I am on a design team and have a deadline to submit my work (digitally), yikers.

Two: since my computer crashed a couple of weeks ago, I lost some of the programs that were loaded... ie: Photoshop. This helps me adjust, crop, etc. photos and scans (which I can't do anyway, please see item One). Poot has been too busy to reload it, so I have to try to be patient... yeah, I know, "me be patient" [insert giggle here].

Three: I took the Xterra in for an oil change and they discovered that there was a screw imbedded in the tire [thankfully it was fixable].

Four: I have 4 million loads of laundry to do [ok, not that many, but it seems like it].

Five: My house needs to be cleaned and I have no help [ie: Poot isn't doing anything around here either].

Six: I want to start really building my TAC business, but haven't been able to put the time needed into it. I will be MAKING the time soon, though, because I really enjoy it. I think it is just the time of year is so.... blah. [come on, Spring!!!]

Seven: Work has been slow at the office, which is almost as draining to your spirits as when you're crazy busy. Business looks to be picking up though, so that is a good sign!

Geez o' Pete... look at all the negativity goin' on! However, if you really know me, you would know that I have always been the pessimist. I don't know how to change that after (gulp) 36 years! I typically get out of the rut (or forcibly yanked) by being around my friends and family. I think tonight, since Poot isn't home (off doing some 'guy' thing) I will be snuggling up with the babies and watching movies.

In closing, I will leave you an Easter card I had done last year (you know, since I can't scan anything new... see item One above). The stamp sets are TAC, however most are retired now, and the paper is TAC's Rustic Chic and a little Scrapper's Floss. It is a spinner card. The bunny (and egg on the reverse side) are weighted with pennies and they will tumble end over end as you tilt the card [it's much cooler in person].


I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack..........

Well, I'm back from sunny San Antonio. I had a great time at TAC's Winter Retreat: Escape. We did a lot of fun projects that I'll be sharing with my customers & hostess club members... they are gonna love 'em!
[photo @ left is one of some stone tile magnets that I had made for a craft fair in December... my scanner isn't working and the hubby isn't here to fix it, so no new stuff... sorry]
Anyway, back to the trip... I met some wonderful people and had a great time walking along the River Walk and through the Alamo and surrounding areas. Fun fact: we stayed in "the most haunted hotel in San Antonio", The Menger. How cool is that?! I, myself, did not witness anything out of the norm, but really would have liked to! One of the hotel dudes was kind enough to share some photo documentation of previous 'happenings', but that was it. The weather was awesome... definitely short-sleeve weather. A far-cry from the 28 degrees at the airport when I returned yesterday... geez.