How Tweet...

I thought I'd pop in here and show you the card we made at my last hostess club meeting awhile back.  Well, actually, the one we made was a no-layer card... but there was a big black smudge at the top, so I cut it off and stuck it on a black base:

Sweet, right?  Simple with a bit of whimsy since I drew the border around it free-hand.  The stamp set was one from The Angel Company :)


Sad news...

So the low economy has claimed yet another small business.  For those of you familiar with The Angel Company, for which I am/was a demonstrator, you may have already heard.  The Angel Company officially closed their doors today.  I had joined the TAC team in December 2005, so for the past almost-6 years I had a wonderful and kind extended family of-sorts.  I know I wasn't one of their top sellers, but they welcomed me not only as a hobbyist, but as a fellow papercrafter and artist.

Thanks for so many memories, most of which were made during Angel gatherings & Seminars.  I have found several life-long friends because of TAC... and though we are no longer Angels, those friendships will live on :)

I wish Mischelle & her family all good things on their future path, and to quote the image art of TAC's final cover:
"A truly happy person is the one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour."

May everyone's detour lead to great things!