Escape to San Antonio, and a bit about 'Maggie'...

I can't wait for Jan. 22nd!! I'll be going to San Antonio again for a TAC leadership retreat, Escape! Attendees be getting the first look at the upcoming Magalogue (a hybrid Magzine/Catalogue) or, as I like to call it, a 'Maggie', by The Angel Company! TAC is going to implement a different Catalogue/Supplement concept:

"This new catalogue plan will involve a “Base Book” which will be our “core” catalogue. This catalogue will be released on an annual basis at each year’s summer Seminar and will offer a variety of merchandise including our top-selling stamp sets. To supplement that annual catalogue, two “magalogues” (cross between a magazine and a catalogue) will be released throughout the catalogue year…one during the fall and one during the spring. These magalogues will have a seasonal focus and will also introduce new products, including new hostess sets.

A new 48-page magalogue will be introduced at Leadership Conference at the end of January and will go “live” February 1, 2009. This magalogue will introduce a variety of new products. It will have stamp sets corresponding to the Spring/Summer seasons and will take the place of our Spring Supplement. This first-edition magalogue will also introduce an exciting new format that we look forward to incorporating into the 2009-2010 Base Book that will be released at Seminar. The items in the current catalogue will remain in circulation until the new catalogue takes its place in June. One of the most frequent requests that we have heard across the field is that our stamp images be reflected at 100%. Returning to an annual ‘base’ catalogue allows us to do that. Stamp images will also be 100% in our magalogues."

I'll also be sending some additional information to all of my customers and Hostess Club ladies shortly, so ladies, watch your email!! If you would like to be on my email Newsletter & update list, just shoot me an email (see sidebar to the right)!!

On to the fun!! The Maggie will be debuting on February 1st! Here are a few sneak peeks!!

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Diana said...

Have fun in San Antonio I want to go but I think is not going to be possible! arghhhhhh!! but I'm in for Seminar and if next year the retreat is in SA again, and I hope so! I will be there!!