Another boring post...

Well, still not able to upload tonight... WTH? I finally get motivated enough to start this thing and now I can't even share photos (which was the whole point).

I went to Toni's tonight to see if she could help w/ pricing my Holiday Mart items. It's always nice to just sit and chat with someone after a long day at work. Thanks, Toni! I also entered my latest Stamp Club order... I've heard shipping times have been great, so maybe I'll get it by Friday or Monday! It always feels like Christmas when I come home to find a package at my door... even though the contents aren't 'mine', at least I get to see what everyone has ordered.

I get to work outside the office tomorrow, which is always a nice break, and I always seem to get more work done! Then I'll come home to get my shoebox card swap ready.

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