I want to be a kept woman...........

Sorry, had to get that out of my system. Last weekend and this week have been really bad for me... I just can't get out of the funk I'm in. I had a mini-melt-down Sunday... yikes. I won't get into all of it here, so I'll just refer you back to the title of post.

Seriously, I need an actual vacation. Not just a long weekend, which I haven't had in a while either, but a real vacation. I'd like it if Poot & I could get away... no family... no work... no friends... just us. I want to not have to worry about meeting a deadline, or who's call I have to return, or 'what style of front elevation would you like with that?' I want to be able to actually smile without having to force it. I want to not worry about how filthy my house is or how high the laundy pile is (which is ginormous by the way).

OMG! Snap out of it! Let us quickly turn to some upbeat stuff!

So, to lighten the convo, here is one of the props I received from the recent swap I participated in:

This was done by Kim Sears. It is a Juliette ensemble. She made a 4x4 card, a magnet made from a Formica chip, and a little 4-drawer box made from two coasters & four match boxes! Absolutely adorable!


Kim Ryden said...

I hear ya girl! I want to be at home in my craft room all day! Of course I would have a clean and organized house with clean laundry too! But I really have no motivation after 9 hours at work each day! UGH!

Anonymous said...

Smile God loves you!!!