I know, I know...

I suck.

No photos, no posting, no anything. In my defense:

1. I still do not have a working scanner. Evidently, the one I have is not compatible with the new Windows Vista [of course] so now I have to buy a new one. Bastards. It's not even that old.

2. Yes, I will have to suck it up and start using my camera until I get a new scanner. What bites is the fact that when I zoom in close to a detail, it wigs out and won't focus. I just got this camera last year and it wasn't a cheap one! I really don't want to have two cameras, so now I have to do more research on that subject.

3. Nothing extremely exciting is going on right now. Just more of the same craziness:
  • A. I was busy getting my trades and projects done for the 2008 Winter RoundUp in Salina [I leave tomorrow for that... yeay!].
  • B. Teaching my classes/hostess nights.
  • C. I only did a couple of cards for the Paper Wings Design Team [Wingers] this month [I really need to start stepping it up there!]
  • D. I've got a Gardner Stamp Club meeting tonight where I am one of the ladies doing a make-n-take. I'll be doing the color pencil with mineral oil blending again... I just love the look of it. I created a nice 'spring-y' design since I am sooooooooooo ready for it.
  • E. I've been totally freezing my hiney off [I like the word 'hiney'... it makes it sound small... hee hee].
  • F. Had a lovely time at the Potentate's Ball for the Abdallah Shriners. Poot and I were on the Ball Committee, so it was a VERY busy day... but the decor and everything turned out great! We have been asked to serve on the next one, too.

I'll be going to the Topeka 'Oh Scrappy Day' crop with my friend Cindy on March 1st, so I'll need to start doing a little pre-planning for pages... only so I don't end up taking two rolling carts & shoulder bags like I have done before! I'm just not that much of a planner... I never know what I want to work on or with what until I sit down at my table! I'll just bring my K-State album stuff to work on... hopefully that will force me to finish it up!

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