OMG! My hairdresser went crazy...

My cousin, Jody, cut my hair tonight... don't worry, she went to school for it and everything, but I think she went a little scissor-happy this evening. I love her to pieces, and I know it takes time to get used to a 'new do'... but holy bejeezus! I'm hoping after I color it and it has a chance to calm down after a few days that I will like it better... right now my hair is a little bit ANGRY. I'm used to long hair, as in past my shoulders. Now, I can barely tuck it behind my ear! yikers.
This is one of the cards I created for my monthly class... it's stamping with bleach. I used the pumpkin from BooBash, sentiment is from Trendy Greetings, and the bookplate is from HipHardware.

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