A little life update...

Bad news...  I just haven't been feelin' the creative mojo as of late.
What sucks worse, is the fact that I actually have a teensie bit of spare time that I could be using to get a little artsy.  WTH?
I can only organize my studio so many times before there is just nothing left to do but create ;)

Good news... I made a card today!  I'll be posting it soon :)

Bad news... I REALLY miss working at The Scrapbook Page part time since they have closed.
I loved the people I had worked with, and so many of the customers had become friends.

Good news...  my Architectural design business is BOOMING!  I'm extremely busy right now, which is definitely a sign that the economy is on the rise.
My favorite current project is a large custom house for a 10 acre site... fun!

Bad news... diabetes really really REALLY sucks.

Good news... I'm doing really well with diet and am actually eating healthier than I ever have before.
Now to just get off my boo-tay and work out!

AWESOME news... Mama altered a pair of my nice dress slacks and she took 4-1/2" out of the waist alone!

That is all for now... just thought I'd let everyone know what's been up :)
Stay tuned for my cute Copic coloring goodness!


Andrea C said...

Sucks that you can't get time to create as your an amazing crafter. Sorry about the diabetes but the healthy eating seems to be helping so always a positive. So good to hear you business is doing well. Hugs from Scotland xxxxx

Laurie said...

Hugs! Miss ya!

Red Hot Designs said...

Liked it so much I actually bought the digi stamp :)