The Angel Company Seminar 2011 recap...

**warning... this is a long-winded post!**

Yeah, I know... I'm late with this considering I traveled back home on Sunday, but I'm still playing catch-up.  I haven't even unpacked and put away all of the goodies we received yet!  I had so much fun... but then I always do when I go to Seminar :)

Ok, I started off last Wednesday morning, Wichita bound.  I had my list of stamp/scrapbook stores and the Garmin gps (aka Bitchin' Betty) was programmed and ready to go!  I made great time and didn't get lost once :)  (well, just a little bit on Thursday).  My favorite store is still Mrs. O'Leary's... they have the BEST Halloween and collage stamps.  And the store is so eclectic... you never know what little fabulous trinket you'll find hiding in a drawer or tucked behind something else.  Let's just say, I'm glad I budgeted correctly before arriving ;)

After the "Cannonball Run" shopping excursion, I was off to see my WOSFF (web-o-sphere friend forever), Laurie W.!  Oh how I love her :)  We had a nice relaxing visit... which we both needed!  Her new stamp room is amazing... me so jealous!  I so wish we could have visited longer, but Thursday I had to get up EARLY to drive back into Wichita for the Copic Intermediate Certification class...

The class was great... a lot of it was definitely a refresher from those college classes I took oh-so-long ago :)  Debbie Olsen was a fab instructor, and if anyone has trouble with shading and shadow, this course is well worth it.

We had a break for dinner and Mischelle Smith (TAC owner) had asked the catalogue cover designers to join her & Debbie R (also with TAC) at a local restaurant... well, we think it was local... we were driving forever... it could have been in Oklahoma for all we know (just kidding)   :)
Angela K, Deb M, Risa A & myself didn't even eat our dinner... we were too busy scanning over the new catalogue, trying to memorize it until the next morning when it would be revealed :)  It was such a great time... and the look on Angela's face when we saw that she was the covergirl... PRICELESS!  Fab work, my friend!!  All of the cover submissions from everyone were just fantastic... and seeing them in person, there are so many details to catch!

The classes and demos were awesome all weekend... the TAC Dream Team designers did a phenomenal job, and it is so interesting to see everyone's teaching style.  We were lucky enough to have a few demos from Susan, the stamping cop from Tsukineko :)  I must have Potion #9 now... thanks, Susan!

Banquet night was fun... except for that funky watermelon & cucumber cold soup... what?!  Uh, ewww.  Well, that and when I had to go on stage for being this year's Star Recruiter... what?!  Yep, I've got another tiara, because they are sooooooooo me ;) 

The best part of the night was watching Angela's face every time she had to go up on stage... that whole deer-in-the-headlights kinda thing.  And she got Angel of the Year... which she TOTALLY deserves... you are amazing, Angela!!!  I'm so glad we finally got to meet after all these years!

The Halo's luncheon was fun... Mary (Angel #001, & Mischelle's mom) is freakin' hilarious.  No, really.  Thanks for keeping it lively, Mary ;)  And I sat next to Avis A, who really is a sweetie... why don't we get together more often, we're not that far away from each other?!

(Michelle McD & Danni B)
This year, I was lucky enough to get to room with Michelle McD again!!!  And I also finally got to meet & room with Danni B.  Danni didn't know what she got herself into... light sleeper... SUCKER!  Giggling in the wee hours of the morning over off-the-wall, completely random poll questions initiated by Michelle... I'm still snickering over some :)   Not to mention Michelle & I like it very cold... not Danni.  We gave her our blanket though... we're nice like that :)  And I swear that the beds got smaller this year... I didn't think we got wider... but maybe that's just me hoping ;)  Unless Michelle was just trying to spoon me.  We may never know  >:)

(this picture does no justice... 28 stamp sets alone!)
And finally, the swag!  Yeah!  OMG, Becky, it was so much :)  I ended up with like 28 stamp sets, 6 paper packs, a matchbook kit, fun project samples & instructions, an awesome uber-girly purse, a HUGE metal flower ring that is more like a throwing star (it will come in handy in dark parking lots), a tiara & gift certificates to be redeemed on MORE stamps/papers/whatever in the catalogue!  The Angel Company really knows how to spoil us!  And I know that when the attendance is low at seminar, they can really UP the swag... but still... this was amazing!

I am really fired up to get to stamping again!  And though my day job is important, I really need it to slow down so I can enjoy my FUN job!  Now, if you read this entire thing and made it all the way to here, then leave a comment for a chance to win a new stamp set from the catalogue... I'm not telling you which one, but it's rubbah, right?!  In your comment, I need you to tell me what your favorite kind of card is to make... see, easy!

Also, TAC is having a fabulous new Angel Starter Kit special for the month of July:

Standard Starter Kit includes the following:
Catalog Bundle (10 catalogs)
Current promo set of the Month
T3273 Everyday All Day Booking Stamp Set
Order Forms
Recruit Brochures
Funshop Invites
Policy Manual (available online)
The Angel Company Logo Stamp
Foundations Collection (Premium White Cardstock)
Penelope Soar With It Collection
Natalee Soar With It Collection
5 Choice Paper Collections (1 Classic SWIC, 2 SWIC, 1 WIC, 1 DC)

Acrylic mounting Starter Kit
Noir Black Palette Ink Pad
7 stamp sets (you select from all price points)

8 ~ Level A Rewards Sets ~ your choice from any current catalogue
2 ~ Level B Rewards Sets ~ your choice from any current catalogue
1 ~ Level C Rewards Set ~ your choice from any current catalogue

This promotion is valid through the month of July, so what are you waiting for?  Contact me with any questions, to get a catalogue, and/or to sign-up!  My contact info is at the top of my blog HERE.  And to see the new catalogue online, go HERE!


Patti J said...

Glad you had a good time! I got to see all of the new stamps and the catty at Shirley's yesterday - OMG! There were SO many fun and gorgeous new stamps! Oh my, how much fun it would be to win a stamp from this new catty....let's see - my favorite type of card to make would have to be something all occasion, like Hello, or Thinking of You.... I do best at the cutesy cards, but the new Steampunk style is one I'm totally diggin' too! Thanks for sharing - have a great 4th!!!

Laurie said...

Ok so I opened your blog and the first thing I see is my face staring back at me! I was like WHAT? So then I actually read why my face is posted on your blog....how sweet are you?!? I wish we had had more time too! Next time we will! Have fun with all that loot! Glad you had a good time! I so wish I could have had a chance to meet Angela too!! I know you girls had a great time! Ttys!!

AmethystCat said...

You forgot to put how much you loved spending time with me! :) LOL! ;) loved the seminar recap and great idea for a contest. :) Don't enter me in - let others play but love the idea! Yes, let the FUN back in your life! ;)

Diane said...

GREAT recap for those of us who sadly missed Seminar this year. No one in my family better get married during Seminar next summer!!! Let's see...fave card to make? Any card with new TAC stamps, of course! :-)

Carol Hirsch said...

Enjoyed reading the recap of Seminar. I relived it all over again. What a fabulous time was had by me!!!!!
Please don't enter me....

Rita Kegg said...

Thanks for the great re-cap of seminar .... the more I hear the better I feel since I was not able to attend this year. It really sounds like you had a great time. My favorite card to make is anything with a flower in it or a fancy fold! Thanks Barb.

Chelsea said...

Great post. It was a fun seminar and great seeing you again!

Trina said...

It sounds like you had a great time! I'm slowly going through the online catalog and have been eyeballing some stamps!
My fav cards seem to be any that I get to color something for. Love my Copics!

Michelle said...

teee heee what fun we had!! Oh the things we chat about...ok I chat about and you guys laugh! Well at least you did answer some :D Love ya girlfriend!!

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing all of your excitement from seminar! I am so sorry that I had to miss it. I won't make that mistake again!

Angela K said...

Great recap Barb! One of the most amazing experiences I have ever had, I am still trying to wrap my brain around everything that happened! Deer in the headlights, that is exactly how I felt the whole time! So great to have finally met you in person, you are even more wonderful in real life!! Do not enter me in the drawing either please. :)

Eva said...

What a fabulous post Barb! Well worth the read right down to the end. I amjealous...you got to pla in Laurie's new room! Have fun with all of your new goodies. Can't wait to see what you create.