Very little time & a feature...

Dude.  Seriously?!  Can someone please tell me if I have stepped into a time warp or something?  WTH?  I swear, I am never going to get caught up with all of my stuff!  I haven't even unpacked the Halloween decor yet!

...that was me having a freakin' heart-attack & then passing out, by the way.

Thankfully I do have bits of Halloweenieness displayed year-round, so at least I have that... but there is just something about the bats hanging in the tree out front, and all of my jacko's, and the luminaries, and... 
... you get the idea. :)

Here is my CAH-RAZY schedule this month:
  • work architectural job almost full time
  • work at The Scrapbook Page six nights
  • teach classes at The Page two more nights (plus prep)
  • TAC hostess club/class at my house 1-2 nights (plus prep)
  • class at a customer's house 1 night (plus design & prep)
  • Saturday afternoon FunShop (plus design & prep)
  • cleaning & laundry (haaa haaa!!!)
  • cooking (HAAAAAAA HAAAAAA HAAA...not happening)
  • Abdallah Fall Ceremonial (Shriner stuff)
  • CKC convention at the expo (fun stuff)
  • decorate for Halloween (REALLY fun stuff)
  • keep up with Design Team responsibilities
  • participate in my own Haunted Design House challenges
  • baby the cone-wearing fur-baby, including dermatologist & ophthalmologist appointments, ear/eye drops, & meds.  Yeah, my dogs have their own derma/optho docs... thankfully I don't have children, because I would've spent their college fund on the dogs' doctor visits already.  :P
Can you believe all of that?  And I know I'm forgetting a few things :)  I usually do.

Don't forget, that sign-up for my October 11th Eerie Elegant card class at The Scrapbook Page ends this Friday night!  And sign-up for my October 19th Halloween Waterfall Mini-Album class ends on the night of the 16th!  Please click HERE for more class & contact info.

I stayed up until 1am this morning coloring... but I got my "me" time in :)  Now, what I'm showing you tonight is NOT what I colored last night... I still have to turn that stuff into cards ;)  No, this is two of three items that I sent in for The Angel Company's Fall Supplement design call.  Cool thing is that all three were slated for publication!  And though TAC decided to not include any project samples in the supplement this time, they ARE featuring them on the MAIN WEBSITE.

What's the good thing about no samples in the supplement?  More room for more stamp sets!  You can click on the link above to download a copy or you can also click HERE to go to my online store to view & purchase.

The bottle o' bat wings was a fun one... inside is just scrap black cardstock.  The gooey black sealing schtuff is actually made from embossing powder.
Stamp sets used:  More Bone Appetit & Fundamental Frames.  By the way, Fundamental Frames has been designed to be used with several Nestabilities.

I love the spidey bouquet card.  The flowers themselves looked like spiders to me, so I stamped a couple at the base of the vase... are they dead flowers or are they spiders?  Hmmmm...
I added a bit o' bling with a Stardust Clear glitter pen.  The Copic coloring in real life is way more blended than the photos here... my auto-fix software kinda blows.
Stamp sets used:  Festive Bouquets & Delightfully Spooky.

Well, that's it for today... yes, very long-winded, but it HAS been awhile since I posted on my "normal" blog :)  I've been a little busy over at my Haunted Design House blog, so if you miss me lots, just go check there :)  I'll be back sooner or later (hopefully sooner) to show you my favorite card that I submitted...
I mean it.


Chris said...

HANG IN THERE!!! :) I know your classes are going to be great - maybe you can recycle/reuse some projects? Hey, it's being green. :) Good luck with it all!!

Patti J said...

1. THUD! (That was ME hitting the floor - I can't believe that you of all people, don't have your Halloween decor up yet! Wowzers!

2. Great card!!! You have your Mojo back in measures of oodles!

3. I went straight out Hwy 70 to Colorado to visit DS on Thursday, and came back on Sunday - SO SO SO wished I had gotten your phone number! We could have hooked up for coffee!

4. Damn, wish it wasn't so far from here to there - I would love to take your classes.

5. So, Slacker, what are you doing with all that spare time?

Lol...you are busier than the button on a toilet bowl in a busy gas station! Take time for you, my friend! LOVE seeing you back on this blog!


Danni said...

Remember to breathe!! Hugs and hope you can get through all you have to!
Fun projects!

Suzanne said...

Love the card! I'm going to bed now. You've just exhausted me with all your hard work!

Andrea C said...

I didn't know you had an online shop. You are a busy busy busy bee. That bottle is too cool and the card is so fab I love those spider flowers they are brilliant x

Linda in the Darke said...

Wow, I don't know how you manage to keep up. The spidey bouquet is absolutely gorgeous!! Love your work!

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

OMG I don't know how you do it Barb. I wish I had you energy. Me time at 1am sounds familiar though. Love the spidey card and that bottle looks fantastic
Helen x

Angela K said...

Love all your samples, just wonderful! Wow your schedule sounds kind of like mine, I often refer to the wisdom of Dory (Finding Nemo) "just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, just keep swimming..." :) Hope things settle down soon for you!

Anonymous said...

Your samples are awesome - as usual. Can't imagine why cooking isn't happening!! You are one busy lady. Hope the furbabies heal quickly.

Melissa said...

You have such a talent for Halloween creations! Wow!! I love this bat wings and the other Halloween/fall inspirations you've been posting! Great job!!

Chelsea said...

WOW you are one busy lady ... but please continue to post stuff! I love your stuff!

Gina Lindsay said...

WOW you are one busy, busy person! I love that card, those spiders are wonderful. Congrats on having it featured!

AmethystCat said...

fabulous stuff! Hope you're keeping up with the super busy stuff going on! Hope the next month is not quite as packed but I bet it will be!!! You go girl!

Monika/Buzsy said...

Indeed you are busy! Glad you had some time to create these awesome porjects! :o)

Danni said...

Just popping in to say hi and I miss you! Hope things are okay!