Christmas [aka holiday stress]

Why does it have to be sooooooooooooo stressful this time of year? I have had an eye-twitch for the past 2-1/2 weeks! WTH? I'm actually still very bah-humbug right now. I didn't get my tree up, Eric & I have spent $760 this month on the babies' vet bills, so no one is getting any gifts from us. I am so sad. So, I have tried to look at it like this: the holiday season shouldn't be about getting to the store at 6am for the 'door-buster' deal... it shouldn't be about cussing someone for cutting in the checkout line... it shouldn't be about spending hundreds of dollars on gifts... it shouldn't be about rushing around from house to house trying to see everyone on ONE specific day of the year.

Shouldn't it be about spending quality time with family & friends?

Perhaps catching up on the happenings from throughout the year? Many of the people we see this time of year have traveled quite far and it is great seeing them! The others we see, live about an hour away or perhaps even in the same town... and we choose NOW to spend time with them? Shouldn't we be spending more time with eachother more than just holiday time? Sometimes it feels like we are just running around like crazy trying to do a jillion other things... things that shouldn't take priority over others. I am sooooooooo guilty of this! I love what I do, my hobbies, my business... but they definitely pale in comparison to my husband, babies, family, & friends.

I didn't even get all my Christmas cards done. And I'm sorta ok with it (just SORTA).

Tomorrow night, will be our annual Seafood-Fest at the Fosters. Let's see, who will be coming over... mom & dad, Bev & Nathan (MIL & BIL), my sister Linda & nephew Patrick, niece Krystal & boyfriend Ira, Uncle Buddy, and Brian, Cheryl, & Brooklyn from across the street. Should be fun!

In closing today, I leave you with a picture of the babies playing in the snow from a couple of weeks ago. I missed the shot of Heidi making snow angels [OMG, it was the cutest thing ever!]. Happy Holidays!

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