A recipe-of-sorts...

... kinda... maybe.
No papercrafting post today.  Nope, still missing that creative spark.  So, to fill space, I've decided to share a fabulous summertime recipe.  Well... kinda.

I'm one of those people who doesn't really measure anything when I cook.  Well, unless it's a baking recipe... you really kinda HAVE to then.  So, this deviled egg "recipe" may drive you a little bit crazy if you want exact measures... not gonna happen... 
... that's just how I roll.

Pictured above is everything I used to transform a dozen eggs into something even tastier:

large bowl
pastry blender
mayo (NOT Miracle Whip... ewww)
white vinegar
ground rosemary
granulated garlic
sea salt
Homemade Gourmet Garlic Basil
Homemade Gourmet Dill seasoning
not pictured:  Pampered Chef Chillzanne egg tray & Easy Accent Decorator

The pastry blender is perfect for breaking up the cooked yolks... much quicker than the traditional dinner fork Mama uses :)   I add all of the herbs & spices to the yolks prior to adding any liquid & blend well.  Then, a few dollops of mayo and small squirt of mustard.  To prevent adding too much vinegar, I cover the top with two fingers and kind of sprinkle it... don't ask why... that's just what I learned from my mama  :)  

Had I any prepared horseradish, I would add just a bit of that for more zing :)  Then I add more herbs, mayo or vinegar depending on the desired taste.  You know you've had deviled eggs before that had too much of one thing... mayo makes it too blah, vinegar makes it too wangy, etc.

Well, after the filling is JUST right, I fill the ol' Easy Accent Decorator with the large star tip... LOVE IT for deviled eggs & mini-cupcakes.  After filling all of the egg halves, I sprinkle more of the dill seasoning in-lieu-of the traditional paprika.

Don't they look tasty?!


Patti J said...

Yummy! I love deviled eggs, but DH is direly allergic to mayo, so we must use MW. :( REally sad face there! These look delightful!

Lisadwb said...

Your eggs look yummy! (Even tho you used Mayo instead of Miracle Whip, LOL) Funny I also do the 2 fingers over the end of the vinegar bottle too.
One of my kids favorite-est foods would be "doubled" eggs. LOL

Amy said...

These look so yummy Barb!! I miss my mom's deviled eggs!

One Scrappy Mama said...

Yummy. One of my favorite things to eat. Now I am going to have to make some this week. Maybe they will give you the spark you need.

Bridgett said...

I love, love, love deviled eggs and I am so with you on the mayo! No MW! Yuck!!! Never used those ingredients before but it sounds super tasty and looks so pretty! My mouth is watering!

Sonia said...

Barb, look so delicious! Thanks for the recipe.
Barb wrote:
I'm one of those people who doesn't really measure anything when I cook.
Sometimes I did the same lol!!.
Unless when I do a recipe for the first time, lol!! :-)