Honest Scrap blog award...

... from Bridgett! Isn't she a sweetie?! She is a fellow Angel and a truly genuine person. She gave me this award:Here is what she said about why she chose me:

BARB because she is an awesome Angel. She is helpful and caring and wonderful. She is uber talented and once you read her blog, you'll want to follow her!

Stop it! You are making me blush :)

There are a few requirements to accepting the Honest Scrap Award and they are as follows:

1) I must thank the person who gave me the award and list their blog and link.

So, thank you very much, Bridgett!! You truly are an Angel :)

2) I must list 10 honest things about myself.

OMG... ok.

#1 I feel horribly self-conscious because of my weight {hey... it says be honest!}

#2 I appear very outgoing and upbeat over the blogosphere and to my very close personal friends, but trust me... I'm really notsomuch :)

#3 I used to think that I wanted to be some uber-awesome career minded Architect, but I would be perfectly content being a housewife.

#4 I love babies & kids even though I can not have any of my own. However, I don't know that I would have enough patience for them, so I think there is a reason I'm destined to only be an aunt :) {but I REALLY love holding babies when they're asleep on their bellies laying on my chest so I can pat them... babies always smell so good :)}

#5 I wish I could really learn the whole TAC biz and have that be my full time job {if the aforementioned housewife option isn't possible :)}

#6 Even though I LOVE movies & TV, I would rather be in my stamp room (duh).

#7 I would love to design my own house and live just outside of town on about 5 or 10 acres... except for the whole creepy-crawly-flying-bug-thing and other Nature stuff :)

#8 I am known in a few circles as a witch :) A couple of my co-workers even pimped-out a broom for me, complete with padded seat, dust pan mud flap, and a nice gold beaded reign-system... and yes, they WERE bored that day at work :) But I'm not apologizing for being the way I am, especially in a male-dominated work field... if I say something needs to be done, it NEEDS to be done, no excuses and no down-talking because I'm a chick! :)

#9 I wish Halloween happened more than once a year.

#10 I have a few little OCD quirks, but not enough to seek help or medication :) Just ask my friends... although, THEY might think I need help or medication :)

3) Now I am supposed to pass this blog award to 5 other people, so here they are:

Laurie: I've become such great friends with her over the web-o-sphere! She is funny and talented and a really down-to-earth gal :) We think a lot alike (scary!) and I can't wait to see you next week! :)

Sarah: Another webbie Angel friend :) Super talented in a multitude of crafts other than just paper! Felting, sewing, on and on... this link is for her general crafting site, so be sure to click on her other Studio site, too! And I can't wait to see you next week, too :)

Anna: Is funny and sweet, and is aquiring the mad-skills on the Copics, about which I'm SO jealous :) She is the Challenge Blog queen!

Kim: Another Challenge Blog queen, and a true Angel in every sense of the word :) She always has an encouraging comment, and I bet she also always has a smile on her face :)

Michelle: Another sweetie... and one that doesn't live too far away! Always has wonderful things to say, and yet another talented Angel and friend :)

I have a couple of honorable mentions {insert evil winky smirk here}... Beverly, who hasn't been able to blog due to her house fire a few months ago, but WILL be back in the saddle (or computer chair) come Fall!!! :) -- And Cindy, who should really take this award, but hasn't updated in {cough} how long? Yeah, uh huh. She truly is a SCRAPBOOKER and photo junkie {mwah... luv ya'} :)

There really are a TON of people who need this award (you know who you are!!), so I say GRAB IT! :)


Laurie said...

You are my WOSFF!!! (Web-O-Sphere Friend Forever!) Thank you so much for the award...oh wait, I am supposed to thank you in MY blog post right? So many instructions and rules. I better follow them!

I can't wait to see YOU! We are going to have SO much fun! Watch out Wichtia! :)

Anna said...

Aren't you a sweet heart! I loved all your honest tidbits! You totally made a fab witch in your costume! And any time you wnat to borrow some kids, I got two! One warning, they fight like mad crazy dogs ALL THE TIME! Can you tell we're having a great start to our summer vacation?!

Debi Urbanek said...

Barb what a perfect reward for you. I love the things you wrote about yourself, good things to know as a roommy for Seminar. Can't wait til next week. Congratulations.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the award! You're the greatest and I'm SO excited to see you next week!!!

Trudy Osborn said...

Not anywhere near tired of them!!! I love to see what you do with them. I tend to get stuck with the colors that I first see something it, so it is nice to see these done differently

Beverly said...

Hey.....thanks for the Honorable Mention! It feels really weird to be on here.....but it's pretty much like remembering how to ride a bike... or ummm... broomstick! BTW, I really need one of them there pimped sticks!!