Home Decor Blog Hop - Cliffside Wave

Well, Saturday's little scrapfest did NOT deplete my scrap pile!! :) But everyone had so much fun... and that's what counts! We stayed up WAY too late; even my K9-kids are still pooped!

But oh-what fun! So much laughing and sharing techniques... and no worries about the laundry getting done or dusting the furniture or what the husbands are up to...

{kickin' back in the chair}

it just doesn't get much better. :)

On to the fun for the day! A few TAC Angels are having a Home Decor blog hop and I decided to show another one of my Art Share projects. This is a mixed media hardboard canvas painting that I sent to Melisa... Cliffside Wave... a little painting-with-paper project.

The photos posted here really do not do this justice. Please click on the photos for a larger view.

This piece is a very textured work.
.. I didn't even use a paintbrush until the very end when I applied the copper Glimmer Mist. Nope... I used a paint palette knife and my hands :) Nothin' like gettin' down-n-dirty with art! I had a blast working on this and definitely intend to create more!

Paper: Amberley Grace SWIC & Cardstock

Ink: Reflection Blue, Cote d'azure, Ballet Blue, & Water Lily Green Palette re-inkers

Other: pre-primed hardboard canvas, gesso (Liquitex), pewter metallic & white acrylic paint, structure gel & pumice (Galeria), Copper Glimmer Mist, palette knife

Check out the wonderful work these other ladies have done:

Melisa - http://paperliciousdesigns.blogspot.com

Ellie - http://www.elliesstampgarden.com

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Carol -

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Barb - I look at this and think I'm at the beach! What talent you have. You'll have to teach me how to do this some day. rita w

Jamie said...

This is so cool and BEAUTIFUL!!! What an artist you are!

Chris said...

This looks really difficult and it looks like something you can sell at a cafe! You are so talented...I wouldn't know where to begin on this project. Love it!

Beth Norman said...

I really like this. As a lover of mixed media, I understand how difficult it is to achieve such a wonderful bg. Awesome job, Barb.

Kim said...

Wow this is sooo cool! This wave has such depth... the texture is fantastic and you really have captured the ocean with your colors! : )

StampinCarol said...

This is beautiful! I've never played with paints and such. It does feel rather "beachy". And I love the texture!

Anonymous said...

Love the texture & color of this piece! Very soothing to the eyes!


Melisa Waldorf Angel #4405 said...

I LOVE this project!!!! I have it sitting on my desk to inspire me!! I purchased some stuff to create something for you my friend, and hope to have it ready very soon! Thank you for swapping with me!

Bridgett said...

I am blown away, Barb! This is simply stunning...an absolute work of art! Wow! I love the colors, the texture, the depth...it's awesome! I can almost hear the ocean waves crashing against the shore! Outstanding job!

Stacy said...

This is so neat! Great texture, and the colors are amazing too!

Anonymous said...

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