OMG... Barb's in the kitchen... almost cooking... gasp!

Hello, hello [que music from the movie Party Girl, and Parker Posey sashaying across the room] ... I don't know what just made me think of that, but there ya' go.

Awhile back, when I showed a little hang tag, several people emailed me for my seasoned olive oil recipe. So, without further ado, let us enter Chez Barb (Seleise, did I spell that right?).

Disclaimer #1: please don't laugh at the horrible blue faux marble laminate countertops... they were here when we bought the house, and we just haven't had the cash to replace them!!

Disclaimer #2: typically I don't measure anything, so tonight I tried to for you! I usually just keep adding herbs until it 'looks right' [yeah, whatever THAT is] and move on!

Disclaimer #3: I am not a chef, nor do I pretend to be one :) ... I just make what I like. This is a VERY HEAVILY SEASONED oil. You could probably use the same amount of oil and cut the herbs in half and it would STILL be yummy! The herbs settle at the bottom of the container, so shake well prior to each use.

Disclaimer #4: the photos are not very good, but it is a winter evening and the lighting sucks, so I'm sorry they're not pretty.

Barb Foster's Seasoned Olive Oil:
2 tbs. granulated garlic
1½ tbs. Italian blend seasoning
1 tbs. chives
1 tsp. ground rosemary
1 tsp. dill weed
1 tsp. Cajun blend seasoning
¼ tsp. orange peel
½ tsp. sea salt
4 cups extra light tasting olive oil

containers of your choice

You'll notice that I cheat by using some pre-blended herbs. I love these blends and it cuts down on space in the cupboard. I don't have a specific brand I use, just as long as the label says 'Italian blend' and 'Cajun blend'. I place all of the herbs and spices in my mortar and grind away.

[grind the Italian blend first since it is very woody... and even then you won't get a fine powder, but it releases a fantastic aroma]

I picked up these inexpensive glass containers at Wal-mart and sanitized them. I divided the herb mixture among them and filled the containers about half way with oil.

[ I couldn't find my funnel, so I improvised by using a tip from the Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator... worked like a charm :) ]

I then vigorously shake the container to mix everything well. I finish pouring in the rest of the oil, give 'em another couple of shakes, and VOILA...

Barb's Seasoned Olive Oil. This oil is great for dipping bread and makes a GREAT Pasta Toss when paired with some shredded Parmesan cheese (yummy).

Here is a shot with the tag, but for my holiday gift-giving, I'm going to do a much snazzier label and tag with more of a wintery feel.

So, what do you think?


Beverly said...

Barb, Looks GREAT!! I was going to call you in the AM & tell you I saw those exact same cruets at WM!! You beat me to it!! LOL! Oil sounds FAB!!...don't do dipping...but on PASTA!! MMMMM...YUMMY!! I'm sure your "snazzier" tags will be AWESOME!!....better post pics!

Joan B said...

Looks yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Sarah said...

Awseome, Barb! I will be trying this recipe very soon!! My hubby loves this type of stuff and this would make a fun gift. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

Sarah G.

Lisadwb said...

Sounds yummy, I have been hungry for dippin' bread. I would have never thought of mixing the Italian blend and Cajun blend, I am gonna try that!
Cute little bottle. Makes a lovely, yummy gift.

Kim said...

Oh my this looks and sounds delish. Thanks for sharin!

Anonymous said...

It's like Mad Science meets cooking...I love it!

Great homemade holiday gift idea!


kolling143 said...

Thanks for the recipe!!! I can't wait to try it!! :)

Bridgett said...

How kewl!!!! Awesome gift idea! Especially add some bread and pasta...fun!

Bridgett said...

How kewl!!!! Awesome gift idea! Especially add some bread and pasta...fun!

Seleise said...

très bien! "Chez Barb" is the place to be! the oil looks great! how long does it keep? I can't wait to try it!!!

shannon said...

Ooooh! So cute! I might have to borrow your recipe to make some gifts this year! What a great idea! I had actually already bought a bottle of dipping oil and seasoning for a gift. If I take it back, I can probably make about 4 of these for the price of just that one!

Angela K said...

Sounds yummy! I will have to give it a try!! TFS. And your disclamers really made me laugh!