a little blog award [insert beauty queen wave here]

My friend & fellow Angel, Bridgett, has given me a Kreativ Blogger Award! How sweet is she?! She always has something nice to say, and her blog is full of creativity, so go check it out! Thanks, Bridgett!

Here are the rules for this blog award: list 6 things you value, 6 things you don't, and 6 receivers. So, here we go:


1. Family... yep, I know, it's a given! I love my family, as quirky and messed up as some members are, but that is what makes life interesting, right?
2. Friendship... this is another gimme, but it's true, yeah? My friends, even as crazy as some may be (you know who you are!), are a big part of me and I think they make me a better person.
3. Independence... this is two fold. One, is regarding the country we live in... freedom to do almost anything you could dream. And Two, deals with my own personality & relationships... an independence of spirit, so-to-speak. Example: Poot and I have a very loving marriage, but we are both independent thinkers and do-ers... we don't have to be attached at the hip, we don't have to like exactly the same things, and we respect eachother's opinions [ even if he is wrong! :) ].
4. Creativity... not just in art or 'craftiness'. But in everything... work, play, problem solving. I may be a lot of things, but I am NOT boring :)
5. Intelligence... in a broad sense of the term :). I'm using this as a blanket term... everything from technology & ingenuity, to common sense. I'm thankful I'm not a braniac, and I'm thankful I'm not an idiot :)
6. Mother Earth... no, I'm not granola or anything. It's just that we wouldn't be here without the Earth sustaining us... gotta give her props!


1. Cruelty... this has a large range. I'm talking everything from kids belittling and picking on other kids in school, to horrendous crimes against humans & animals. I just don't get it.
2. Not using common courtesy... please and thank you. Let's show a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T, people(you know you want to sing it... thank you Aretha!).
3. 'All about me' people... it's a big world people, and some need to realize that it doesn't revolve around them! :)
4. My dogs shedding... I love my two babies like you wouldn't believe, but I wish they could keep more hair on them than I collect on my pants. :)
5. Housework & laundry... yes, I'll stand by my old addage: I want to be a kept woman.
6. Real creepie-crawlies... I may LOVE Halloween and all of the fake spiders and what-not, but the real thing kinda grosses me out.

[it's hard to just pick six!]

1. Julie (paperjewels)
2. Joan (paperlicious)
3. Kemi (kssdesigns)
4. Seleise (amethystcat)
5. Stacy (stacyspapercrafts)
6. Debra (minuetsmuse)


Jewels said...

Oooh, I was like, "I just read a post from Barb and another one is popping up in my reader. Two posts in one day?"
Then I was even more excited when I saw my award! Thanks, Barb!

Bridgett said...

You totally deserve the award so thank you for being so awesome about sharing your creativity with others....like ME! LOL

Beverly said...

You sooooo deserve this award!

U so Funny! LOL!...and DEEP!! LOL!

I sincerely enjoyed reading this post! It made me smile, giggle, think and remember!

I can definitely vouch for the "creepie-crawlies"! LMAO!!...."SHUT the door!"....."Give me a paper towel!"....."EEEEEK! It went in the crack!!"{{{{heebee-jeebees}}} Luv Ya!