Another TAC Blog Hop!!!

Melisa Waldorf, a fellow Angel, has organized another Blog Hop! She wanted to show off several ways to use a specific TAC stamp set... so, be sure and check out all of these other links of even more Angels, showcasing TAC's Love Doodles and Forever stamp sets:

Jen's 1st

Jen's 2nd


Rita's 1st

Rita's 2nd

Rita's 3rd

and here are mine:

Barb's 1st

Barb's 2nd

Barb's 3rd


Bridgett said...

I love blog hops! I am so excited to hop along to all these fun blogs and see what all there is to make with these amazing stamp sets!

Beverly said...

{{boing}} {{boing}} I enjoyed hopping through the blogs & seeing the various ideas! Well, ANOTHER set added to the list!!.....My list is getting longer than my life expectancy!! T T F N