A little winter sumpin' sumpin', & a little self-realization...

Another quick post tonight, because I have GOT to get my hiney in gear and create something for my Winger assignment... good grief. So, in light of the fact that I have NOTHING NEW AT ALL to show you, here are a couple of very simple Christmas cards I did last year.

Stamps: Goodness of God, Tag Tidbits
Paper: Genevieve (a TAC Fly With It Collection), Bazzill Monochromatic Violets
Ink: Violette & Noir Palettes
Other: black snaps

I LOVE this paper pack. In fact, I find it extremely hard to cut into it :) How sick is that? I buy this stuff because it is so pretty and I know I can do something great with it, and what happens...

[everyone, all together now...]

I hoard it.
I save it.
I put it in a safe storage container so it won't get crumpled or bent up.

I bring it out to show my peeps how pretty it is.

Does any of this sound familiar, people??!

Yes... it's a true sickness. Kind of like all of the friggin' ribbon I seem to buy...

[I still maintain that it finds me and jumps into my shopping basket all by itself and I don't even realize I bought it until I get home] ... yeah, rrrriiiiiiiiiiigggggggggght {que Dr. Evil on Austin Powers}
Wow... uhhh... I think I'm going to log off now.

What do you think?


StampinCarol said...

I love your projects! They're great! And your items are so cool that I nominated you for an award. Please check out my blog!

Angela K said...

Barb, I love these cards!! That paper if my very most favorite. I buy it , I hoard it, I hardly ever cut into it. The time or two that I did, I refused to part with the creations! I compleatly understand!!! (I wont even go into my the ribbon issues)

Paper hoarders, Ribbon stashers UNITE! :)

Bridgett said...

I love these papers!!! I know what you mean about slicing into those beautiful papers. I can almost talk myself out of it because what if there was another project MORE WORTHY of those beautiful pages! LOL

Jewels said...

Barb, What do I think? Two words: ME TOO! (Guilty on both counts: paper saving AND ribbon hoarding!)

Lisadwb said...

Cute cards. I used to have the paper hoarding problem, but not any more. Ribbon, well, let's no go there. LOL

Seleise said...

love the cards. you're so creative. I, too, have a super hard time cutting Genevieve. It's sooooooooo pretty!