Important TAC Update!

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TAC had received so much feedback regarding the last announcement, that they changed their policy… so this is a company that really does listen to their demonstrators and their customers! Please see below:

“Yesterday we reluctantly released an update to our Hostess Half Price Program as a result of being bombarded with continuous price increases and fuel surcharges due to current economic conditions and other factors. We know that our prices will continue to rise from vendors, some quite extensively, over these next few months and we are faced with finding solutions for what will be a problem.

After sorting through enormous amounts of email we have found a solution, suggested by many of our Angels, which we believe will solve the issues we currently face and it’s a solution that works! This new Hostess Half Price Program supersedes the Half Price Item update we posted yesterday.

Effective July 15, 2008, the Hostess Half Price Program will operate as follows:

For FUNshop Net Sales between:
• $100-249.99 hostesses may select 1 half price item from any item in our current catalogue.
• $250-499.99 hostesses may select 2 half price items from any items in our current catalogue.
• $500-749.99 hostesses may select 3 half price items from any items in our current catalogue.
•$750 and above hostesses may select 4 half price items from any items in our current catalogue.

The Booking Bonus Half Price Item is being eliminated and will no longer be available on any order beginning July 15, 2008. While this is an unexpected hiccup we are thrilled with this solution and we continue to believe that “where there’s a will ~ there’s a way!”

By working together with our Angels we continue to move in the right direction! These times that we have all faced lately have been difficult but together we can find solutions that work for everyone and share the economic hardships and meet our customers half-way! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and presenting solutions that we hadn’t even considered.

While we strive to make great decisions all the time it is true that sometimes the really great solutions come from those who aren’t here in our Corporate Offices. Those with an entirely different perspective. We love being a part of a company where everyone’s thoughts, ideas, suggestions and solutions are greatly valued. This is what makes The Angel Company™ unique and a company we can all be proud to be a part of!

Again, thank you and we apologize for any confusion we may have caused.”

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