First winner for the catalogue & an update about the Evil Boss...

Ok, now for my "winning" entries for the catalogue! First one on page 38:

Stamps: Flower Collage Trio, Tag Tidbits, Thank You (retired)
Paper: Juliette SWIC & cardstock
Ink: Burnt Umber Palette, VersaMark
Coloring/Technique: color pencils w/ mineral oil blending
Bling: Juliette Ribbon, Black Scrapper's Floss
Misc: pop dot, edge distresser, hydra sponge

  • Update about the Evil Boss: he is still not speaking to me! Yeay! When he's talking to Mikey, E.B. won't even say my name... he just says 'her' or 'she'... and I thought I was juvenile about holding a grudge! Heee heee... what a weenie.


Joan B said...

This is beautiful. Is it in the catalogue???? Wow! Sorry about EB -- he sound silly.

Barb said...

Joan: Yep! It's in the new TAC catalogue on page 38! So exciting! And yes, the Evil Boss is silly.

Seleise said...

love this card and I've had the game playing boss. not currently but in the past. wow - so not fun. hang in there!

Seleise said...

love this card - it's one of my favorites in the catalog. catches my eye every time I flip past it. great job!