Missing my mojo... majorly!

I can't seem to find it... have you guys seen it anywhere?  Did someone borrow it and forget to tell me?  WTH?!  So, all I have for you today is this 2-second card.

Stamps:  Fun Skulls, Linear Sentiments, Tiny Tidbits (Hostess Level A)
Paper:  Premium white cardstock
Ink:  Noir Palette
Other:  Scor-Pal, paper flower

I am hoping to have something of substance for you soon :)

What do you think?
It doesn't look too...ummm... "wow, I hope this gift of wine isn't tainted" or anything... does it?  ;)


Patti J said...

Hmmm....what do I think? Well...here goes! I think that if your freakin' cards look that freakin' good (awesome, wonderful, perfect, great) withOUT any mojo, you will rule the world WITH mojo! That's what I think...thanks for asking! lol...love your card! Haven't seen the linear stamp - it's totally cool! Hugs!

Chris said...

I think you stamp amazingly straight with that linear stamp - I'm jealous! And, as to mojo, I think it comes and goes with the tide...or the moon...or some where! :)

Debra Hensley said...

Even "mojoless" your creations are wonderful! I can't wait to visit your blog every day for inspiration! Just keep creating and you'll get back to where you want to be...

Kristen said...

This is cute, I love cute goth! And I would definitely drink wine if it came with this card!!!
thank you for trying for naming my digi! I love that name, too cute! My DH and I both laughed out loud!!!

Angela K said...

I hate that when the Mojo leaves town without permission! Very cute card, from the outside looking in I can't see the missing Mojo, but I know how it feels when it's gone! By the way how on Earth did you stamp that so straight!?

Anna said...

Woo hoo on your win, Barb! I need to start entering again. Actually, I just discovered this set in my bonus room uncut the other day! Guess I should start by cutting out my recent purchases!

Sonia said...

Barb i always love your projects. This one look fabulous, simple but look nice. Love the stamp.
I love how you create this card.
Great Job!

Puerto Rico