OMG... Barb ACTUALLY cooked...

Yes... yes it's true :)  I made enough potato soup to feed a small country!

Barb Foster's Potato Soup


Wash potatoes well... no need to peel 'em!!  Cut into small cubes and cover with water in HUGE Dutch Oven pot (trust me, it will need to be a biggie) and start boiling.  Meanwhile, shred or finely dice carrots & onion and saute with 1/2 stick butter, healthy sprinkling of garlic, pepper, sea salt, the Mock Spinach mix, and 1 tbs. Garlic Basil mix in deep skillet.

Potatoes should be cooked so that a fork can easily poke through.  Drain so that most of the water is gone, leaving about "three fingers" of water in the bottom.  Add stick of butter & cubed Velveeta to melt.  The carrot-onion mixture can be added at this time to speed up melting process.

Start adding milk after butter & cheese are melted (or close to it).  I added a lot... it all depends on how thin of a base you want.  Add one more tbs. of Garlic Basil, and simmer until piping hot.

We like thicker soups & stews and this soup almost has a bisque base... a result from the mixing & melting process.  Yummy.

I plan to freeze most of this so we can have it throughout the winter.  If you decided to try this, may I suggest you half the recipe, and let me know how you like it!!

What do you think?


Seleise said...

YUM!!! I'd like to place an order for delivery... :)

LadybugSue said...

Looks delicious, my mom used to make potato soup but I'll have to try yours! Thanks for sharing!!

Linda said...

Yum!!!! Potatoe soup would be wonderful here today in NC, cold rainy and expecting possilbe snow flurries. Thanks for the receipe.

Seleise said...

what? Barb cooked? What's that about? :) The soup looks yummy! TFS!