Ok, here we go! First entry…

OMG!! I was without internet & e-mail from Saturday the 13th around 5am (yeah, I was awake then) until 5:30pm or so tonight (Monday the 15th). We had a little storm here and somehow it fried our cable modem. Thor (my red-headed Lab-Shepard mix) woke me up shaking and wanting to bury his head in my pillow…wussy. Heidi (yellow Lab) was content on the floor on her daddy’s side of the bed. It did sound like the thunder was right above us and later I heard what I am assuming was a transformer blow.

[Thank goodness I had internet at work. I never realized how much I used the internet or checked e-email until I couldn’t!]

Saturday we had a full day of activities at the Abdallah Shrine Center. It was Fall Ceremonial, so Mama and I went to the Ladies’ Luncheon at Milburn Country Club…they had awesome entertainment this year! The Tin Lizzie unit put on a bunch of silly skits…you know, for a bunch of manly-men, they sure like to dress up in drag a lot! Definitely one of the best luncheons I had attended. After lunch, there was the Fezzing Ceremony, a short break for cocktails, then dinner and dancing. I was totally bushed! I swear, for being only 36, I felt like an old lady ready for bed! Sunday, I barely got out of my pj’s! Vegged out and watch movies all day. I love days like that.

Uneventful day today (Monday), but that is usually the case.

Creating Keepsakes Convention is Friday and Saturday at the KCI Expo and then Saturday and Sunday is the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin. My friend, Laurie, and I are going to do the ‘Cannonball Run’ and go to both on Saturday…should be a full day!

I’d better list all of the specials going on at The Angel Company this month! See next entry!

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