Upcoming class at The Scrapbook Page

February 7th at 6:30pm, I'll be teaching a fun Valentine's Treat class.  I've got to get the other photos from the store, but for now here are a just a few of the MANY treat containers we'll be making:

Love is in the air... well, at least like is! And what better way to show it than by giving a little treat giftie?! This SAH-weet class is chock full of fun ideas that are a snap to replicate for family, co-workers, or the kids' school parties! Boxes, pouches, and bags... oh my! Not into Valentine's Day? Well these little beauties can easily be adapted to house treats for birthday parties, Easter, and even a little summer fun.

To reserve your spot, just call The Scrapbook Page and anyone would be happy to sign you up :)  It's only $17.50!


Amy said...

Hi Barb! I soo wish I lived just a bit closer to KC....this class would be right up my alley! AND I would get to take a class taught by you! These are super cute!

Anonymous said...

please move to DC, I'd take this class!

Glittered Paws said...

Love your treat ideas - so versatile for any occasion - you need to give up your day job and just teach!!!