Help the technologically challenged...

Yes, that would be me.  Thanks for asking.  :)   I'm in need of some free & EASY digital video editing software.  I've been shooting a couple of tutorials with our digital camcorder, but they are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.  In fact, they would be just about right if I could just change the speed to fast-forward the whole time :)  It's not like I'm talking throughout the thing... although I would also need to add some text to the video to explain schtuff.

I just downloaded the Windows MovieMaker, but evidently my video card is total sheeee-ite (according to the little pop up window) and so the program won't run.  You would think that since I'm married to a compu-nerd that I would have some stellar system... evidently not.  Wienie.  Sooooooo... any ideas?

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