Happy Birthday, Poot!

My hubby turns 34 today! Why yes... yes I DID rob the cradle, thank you :) The important thing is that I LOOK younger than he does :) He swears that I am the cause of all of his grey hair, but he was already turning grey when I met him at age 23... seriously... I'm SO not making that up :)

No big birthday plans for us... we never make any. Sometimes we'll do dinner & a movie, but that is rare... we are SOOOOOOOOOOO married. AND, Poot just happens to be the MOST UNROMANTIC man ever, so anniversaries aren't a big deal around here either... dammit. :)

Supplies: Camping stamp set, Palette inks, DCWV blue cardstock, BG ribbon, Creative Cafe button, recycled chipboard card base

So, all he gets is this card I made for him.

And he'd better like it.

I mean it.

I'm not kidding.

Yeah, he'd be chuckling right now, too. Love ya', Poot!

What do you think?


Christina said...

Happy Birthday Poot! I'm a cradle robber too! My hubby turned 37 last month & I'll be 44 in November :)

I LOVE this card! Maybe he'll get some romanticle ideas when he sees the tent with it's flap closed up tight? I know I did! Maybe if you draw in some motion lines to make it look like the tent is a-rockin'?


Tiny Paper Pieces said...

Very cute, I really like this card.

Kim said...

What a great guy card! Love the rustic feel.

Jennifer Carter said...

Great job on a masculine card! I'm SURE he'll love it!! :O)

kssdesigns said...

Great card. Very manly! Hip hip hooray for us cradle robbers!

Michelle said...

great card! Happy birthday to your dear hubby! I "rocked" the cradle too so glad to know it's not just me!! Enjoy the day!

Rita said...

What a wonderful guy card!. Love the maksing of the trees in the background. rita w

Anna said...

Super cute! Happy birthday to your man! We don't celebrate big around here either, and Paul is two years younger than me!

Suzanne said...

Very masculine! Great card!

LadybugSue said...

I absolutely LOVE this card. Don't worry about being older, we were all cougars at one time or another. I am 4 years older than my Tom but we are at least both in our 50's so doesn't seem so bad.
I love this stamp set too I got it for the trees, but I love the blue tent. I may really have to borrow this design for my grandson card.

fabricbutterfly said...

I got a younger one too, and our birthdays are pretty boring it really is funny how after a few years of marriage it is like "whatever", any way back to you :) LOVE the card and Christina's comments were so funny you have to show that to the birthday boy.

He damn well better like it.

Julie said...

Hi Barb,
Happy Birthday to your hubbie!!! - I have to say i'm not too sure that your married to the most unromantic man ever - I think that could be me - Hee, Hee.
What a great card - I just love it.
You'll be pleased to know i've been planning my little halloween creations - watch this space.
Take Care Hun - Ju xx

StampinCarol said...

Christina, you're a hoot!
Happy Bday to your dh, Barb!
Great card!!
In my case my dh robbed the cradle! LOL!

Helen Dooley said...

I got 7 on my husband. Go us! Wish the DH hb from all us cougars!
Go Barb!

Sonia said...

Happy Bthday to your husband Barb. I love the nature theme, look great!


Penny said...

I love this, I have the hardest time with masculine cards

Cynthia said...

I have to say I love this card. My husband goes camping and hunting often. Since hunting season opens this weekend, you can guess that he will be gone all weekend. Anyway, I think I am going to try your idea and give him a little card (just because).