Happy 4th!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday! As for me? I'll be off working tomorrow, so I decided to come home early and chill out. I'm not even in the mood to stamp!

{insert shocked face here}

Here are a couple of cards I sent in last year for the design call... not my best work, but they were my attempt at the sketches that are in the front of the new catty. I'm not even going to bore you with the recipes tonight... if there is any information you'd like to know about them, just ask!

Thanks for stopping by :)

What do you think?

***Edited to add: I deleted the watermelon card... it really was a bad one :)


StampinCarol said...

I really like the tree swing card! The grass is so cool! As to the watermelon card, it's nice but not you!

Chelsea said...

I like that tree card too ... I agree with Carol the watermelon card is just not YOU.

Bridgett said...

The tree swing card is awesome! I love the little bird's nest in the branches and the detail you added. Super great!! I didn't see the watermelon card so I can't say about that! LOL

Anna said...

Now, I wanna see the watermelon card! Can't be that bad! I do like what you did with Spring Time set. I like how you gave your tree so much depth!

Anonymous said...

love the tire swing! Very creative!


LadybugSue said...

I love this card and want to see the watermelon card too, nothing you do could be that bad!

Diane said...

We demand the watermelon card! LOL Really, can't we PLEEEEAAAASE see it?!?!? ;-)

Michelle said...

ok now I want to see the watermelon card because I don't think you can make a bad card!!! You are so very creative - love the scene you made!!

Helen Dooley said...

I love this card. I could use this for one friend in particular. You brought many memories with this one.