I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack..........

Well, I'm back from sunny San Antonio. I had a great time at TAC's Winter Retreat: Escape. We did a lot of fun projects that I'll be sharing with my customers & hostess club members... they are gonna love 'em!
[photo @ left is one of some stone tile magnets that I had made for a craft fair in December... my scanner isn't working and the hubby isn't here to fix it, so no new stuff... sorry]
Anyway, back to the trip... I met some wonderful people and had a great time walking along the River Walk and through the Alamo and surrounding areas. Fun fact: we stayed in "the most haunted hotel in San Antonio", The Menger. How cool is that?! I, myself, did not witness anything out of the norm, but really would have liked to! One of the hotel dudes was kind enough to share some photo documentation of previous 'happenings', but that was it. The weather was awesome... definitely short-sleeve weather. A far-cry from the 28 degrees at the airport when I returned yesterday... geez.

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