I know... WTH?

I am slowly being driven crazy.

[Great opener, right?]

It's not one big thing... it's lots of little things. One: my scanner is no longer working. This impacts a couple of things... a: I can't scan & therefore cannot upload any new work I've created... b: I am on a design team and have a deadline to submit my work (digitally), yikers.

Two: since my computer crashed a couple of weeks ago, I lost some of the programs that were loaded... ie: Photoshop. This helps me adjust, crop, etc. photos and scans (which I can't do anyway, please see item One). Poot has been too busy to reload it, so I have to try to be patient... yeah, I know, "me be patient" [insert giggle here].

Three: I took the Xterra in for an oil change and they discovered that there was a screw imbedded in the tire [thankfully it was fixable].

Four: I have 4 million loads of laundry to do [ok, not that many, but it seems like it].

Five: My house needs to be cleaned and I have no help [ie: Poot isn't doing anything around here either].

Six: I want to start really building my TAC business, but haven't been able to put the time needed into it. I will be MAKING the time soon, though, because I really enjoy it. I think it is just the time of year is so.... blah. [come on, Spring!!!]

Seven: Work has been slow at the office, which is almost as draining to your spirits as when you're crazy busy. Business looks to be picking up though, so that is a good sign!

Geez o' Pete... look at all the negativity goin' on! However, if you really know me, you would know that I have always been the pessimist. I don't know how to change that after (gulp) 36 years! I typically get out of the rut (or forcibly yanked) by being around my friends and family. I think tonight, since Poot isn't home (off doing some 'guy' thing) I will be snuggling up with the babies and watching movies.

In closing, I will leave you an Easter card I had done last year (you know, since I can't scan anything new... see item One above). The stamp sets are TAC, however most are retired now, and the paper is TAC's Rustic Chic and a little Scrapper's Floss. It is a spinner card. The bunny (and egg on the reverse side) are weighted with pennies and they will tumble end over end as you tilt the card [it's much cooler in person].

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