It's an addiction... and a little Blog Giveaway...

Yep.  I'll admit it.  Right out loud.
I am a ribbon addict.

The scary thing is that I really pared my buying back since I haven't had time to do any personal crafting.  Imagine if I hadn't been teaching classes and was just buying ribbon all willy-nilly like I used to!  Yikes.  Here is a shot of my "loose" ribbon that I decided to re-organize:

I know!  I just kept finding it all over my studio:
(All delightfully double-faced satin)

Oh!  Look... there's another roll rack:
(There are also rolls in that KnollTextiles box)

And clear jars with ribbon on round clothespins and ribbon stuffed in a Ball jar:
 Please ignore the huge joint-filler blob in the background... I really need to sand that down and touch up the paint one of these days ;)

Whoops!  There's my huge jar of fabric trims, lace & fibers:
(sorry for the totally sucky photos, by the way)

I'm telling you, it's a sickness... seriously.  Well, to better use my loose ribbon I thought I would organize it by color & have it in front of my face at my desk.
A few years back I bought these metal hot-air balloon decor items:

I've been hanging my ribbon from them for years, but I finally organized by color
(and left spots for more!):

I still have the roll racks & jars to go through, but for now at least I have this bit o' beautimousness next to my desk:
Ooooooooo... so pretty!  Lover-ly webbed trim & ribbon rose trims are among my faves.
I also need to re-organize all of the embellishments hanging above, but that is for another day.

BUT, to celebrate my re-org, I forced myself to part with a healthy bit of ribbon and am giving it away to one lucky person:

That, my friends, is a 16" diameter by 3" thick (at least!) pile o' ribbon salad!

So, how do you get a chance at this awesomeness? 
Just leave me a comment below telling me how you organize your ribbon.
That's it.
If you want to post this giveaway on your blog, add another comment.
If you want to share on Facebook, even better... add another comment.

I'll leave this open until March 31st at 6pm central time (US)
and will announce the winner sometime before midnight.

Heads-up... I'm going to try to start blogging again on a regular basis... you know, like I used to!
It will still be hit & miss through April, but after that... watch out!  :)
Miss me!


Michelle said...

Oh so nice to "see" ya again!! I haven't been very good at blogging either but am trying to change that! So how do I organize my ribbon...well if it's on a spool then it goes in my spool rack...if it's loose than it goes in a jar. I love to see all the color around my room :D

Thanks for the giveaway...and welcome back!

Gail said...

Wow, I thought I was addicted. I have some of my loose ribbon hanging on the door knobs at my desk. I have one rack full of spools. I also have loose ribbon hanging from it too. Now I understand why you didn't want to know about the ribbon store in Parkville :) When do you want to go? LOL.

Denise Bryant said...

Wow... that's some ribbon collection! I have my ribbons wrapped on notched chipboard cards with the ends secured with a pin. I would love to say I keep all my ribbons this way, but only some are this organized. I also have a tote box where they're just loose. Some are on spools, some are just lengths.

Mel said...

I hung hooks on the wall and got big metal rings and put the ribbon on them by color. Now I have a huge wall of color in my studio that I just love.

Laura said...

Wow!!! And I thought I had a lot of ribbon! I have a couple of wall mounted racks that hold ribbon on spools, the loose ribbon is wadded up in a drawer, needing to be organized! ;)

Andrea C said...

Cool, you must have some amount of crafting stuff. To organise my ribbon I usually have it in different bags according to type. Can't wait to have you back in the crafting world xx

Erin said...

wow i have never ever seen so much ribbon in all my life amazing .. I bought a box to alter ( still never altered it ) with slits in it and you weave the ribbon through ... Its brilliant and i can see all my ribbon and it sits on my Desk at all times ... will pop you on my facebook wall to show your ribbon off
Hugs Erin xxx

Alison said...

My ribbon is actually pretty disorganized right now, and it is making me damn crazy! I have it all in one spot in my craft room....does that count as organized??? I don't think so. What I would like to do is get one of those hangers that you use for multiple pairs of pants, and hang some spools from that. But I also want to start using popsicle sticks and storing them in color coded jars. What a fabby giveaway! Thanks for the chance at winning!

Alison said...

Shared on Facebook...and tagged ya in it! Thanks again!

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

hahaha , that must've taken you hours to sort that lot. I have my spools in a box, any lengths of between 1-3 metres hanging off a tie rack on the door and odd bits in a big clear plastic bag so I can see those first.

Karen Schroeder said...

Wow! You do have a lot of ribbon! I store mine inside a clear sided rectangular cosmetic bag. I have made holes along the sides so ribbon can be fed through. Thanks for the chance to win some ribbon!

Kim said...

I have tried several ways to organize ribbon. Pintrest had a great idea to alter a garmet hanger. That works well if your not a ribbon addict. Then I have also used curtain rods, a bag with holes, finally I just tossed it all in a laundry basket. I definitely don't recommendthe laundry basket, It's a mess! It doesn't help the cat likes playing in it.

Debra Hensley said...

I don't have as much wonderful ribbon as you do but what I have I have rolled on clothes pins and stored by color in the large TAC clamshells I had left from my stamps. I have them all in some soft sided containers from Ikea.

So glad to see you blogging again.. now I need to catch up on my blog as well! :-)

I Don't Do Straight said...

LOL I came here to comment on your HDH DT piece :) It's such a relief to find I'm not alone in my addiction LOL Love the reorganisation Barb, no more 'I know I've got that, but can't find it'