Help for Katie

Cancer seems to touch all of our lives in some way.  Maybe it's a family member, friend or co-worker.  A mother of your BFF, an aunt or a web-o-sphere buddy.  It's real, and it sucks.  No matter what kind it is.  Many of you may know all about Katie Renz's battle with cancer, however if you don't please go here: http://www.help4katie.blogspot.com

Katie seems like an amazing woman, and I want to help... and you can help too!
All you have to do is make a $15 donation, and you get this lovely digital stamp collection:

This is the second edition set for Help for Katie.  Some fabulous contributors have come together to donate the monies from this set to help Katie and her family.

Though Katie has stomach cancer, I thought I'd use this opportunity to create a card for the mother of a very dear friend of mine who has breast cancer.  The sentiment is totally fitting for my friend and her mom... I mean, not that they are bitches... well... ok... my friend IS a self-proclaimed bitch, so there ya' go :)

I colored-up Simply Betty Stamp's Katie digi with Copic markers and used the cardstock and paper from The Angel Company's Lily Anna collection.  Super clean and simple card to keep the focus where it should be :)

Don't forget to donate to the Cause at the Help for Katie blog!


Michelle said...

I'm thinking I know who this one is for. What a wonderful cause and your card is perfect!

Chelsea said...

Awesome card! These stamps and papers are wonderful!

Danni said...

Amazing card!!

Graphicat said...

I love this Barb. When I put that sentiment together...I had you in mind actually! knew it was right up your alley. :) Glad to see it used, altho sorry you need to make one for anyone.

Trina said...

Great card!

Cath said...

I love this card, I love this post, I love Katie, and I love what you're doing to help her. Moxie fab, Barb, moxie fab! :)

Seleise said...

that is the most amazing image and sentiment! it's perfect!!!

chickNpink said...

I guess I should stop by more often! Mom LOVED the card!!! It was great hearing her laugh out loud! Thanks!!! You're a TERRIFIC friend!!! Love~the Bitch