Is it Friday yet?

Yep, it's true, I need a rest from my weekend :)  I spent the past couple of days with some fellow Angels at the annual Kansas Round Up gathering, and had a blast.  I always love going to Angel gatherings and seminars... so much fun and laughing, and staying up late (or early?).  Also true:  I was in the loud room this time ... sorry neighbors ;)
Even more true:  after seeing a few of my darker cards, some think I'm an even bigger freak than before.  I've tried to tell y'all that `:)

I had fun giving a little schpeel about Copics and demonstrating a couple of ways to use them.  Big step for someone not-so-compfy in public speaking :)  AND my buddy Beverly won the set of 36 Ciao's that they were giving away!  Woo hoo!

Round up was a great event put on by Heather Scott, Lori Betterley, & Avis Anderson... great job ladies!  Thanks for making it so fun :)

Today I wanted to share another method-to-the-madness process that I sometimes go through.  It's always so hard to figure out what to make for a good swap card.  You need something easily mass-producible and economical while still being good to showcase at FunShops and classes.  I will admit that the cards I create for large swaps do not have as many details and ribbon and foof as my usual ones do, but in order to get the quantity done (in this case, 60), you sometimes have to forgo the little nuances.

So, here is the first version... quite sucky, but I'm sharing it anyway:

No pop.  No... anything.

I liked the black base and the general proportions, so next I tried this:

Better.  Less sucky.  More color, same sassy sentiment & layout.

It just still needed... something.  So this is the end result:

It's amazing what another strip of cardstock & a tiny loop of ribbon added.  I also added a bit more color in the lower left corner, but kept the white space in the upper right.

Other:  Mimi Ribbon, Scor-bug

What do you think?


Laurie said...

I love them....course you already know that! I am so sorry I couldn't make it up there to visit! I sure miss everyone! I am so glad you had fun!!

Michelle said...

Man, sounds like I missed a huge PAR-TY! Love all the different takes you went through to get a swap card - the end result is pretty cool! Any extra's you wanna send my way {wink,wink}

Chelsea said...

I love them!!! Glad you had a great weekend!

Angela K said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend! Love the final card too!

Amy said...

Barb, it's amazing how some very small final details finally "MAKE" a card....you're final additions were great! I sure did miss going to the gathering....those are always soo much fun! Hope to get together soon again with the Stampin' Away gals!

Chris said...

I bet you all had a blast together! Love your final version, it turned out perfect.

Penny D. said...

I like them all! But you're right, what a difference!

Anonymous said...

Thks for posting the process you go through. The addition of the ribbon and piece of cardstock sure did the trick! Fantastic card - as usual. rita w

Jennifer Carter said...

The final result looks great! I'm glad to hear that you had a fun weekend! I thought of you all often!