This past weekend was the annual Girls' Weekend with my aunt in BFE Kansas!  It is always so much fun!  My mom, two sisters and I all piled in mom's huge truck and went on the short trek to Aunt Linda's somewhere in the countryside near Abilene.

I've got to retrieve the photos of Linda's house from my sister... I forgot my camera, so I snatched hers so I could take pictures of the cute old farmhouse.  My aunt always has it decorated so homey... she totally should have been a consultant for that kind of thing.

She knows her antiques, and finds awesome deals on all kinds of treasures ;)  She found an old old Civil war stove (I think that's what she said it was) at a yard sale for $25... yes, it needed a lot of work, but you should see it now!  Fantastic.

The photos you see today are some of my lovelies that I purchased this weekend.  We love going into Abilene to the antique shops & boutiques.  Our favorite (can't remember the name!) still has this awesome old wooden nuts/bolts cabinet with a TON of drawers that I saw and wanted last year... if only I had a spare $3000 laying around ;)

I snagged a couple of old wooden cassette holders that are perfect for holding ink pads... $1 each!  The large one I have now cost me $20.  The birdcage was one my aunt had... I've already taken the woven wooden strips off the bottom. 
I've got a creepy black owl that will look nicely in there ;)

I've been starting to collect old wooden spools & bobbins. They are so cool looking, and with my latest hand dyed silk ribbon fetish, they will come in handy for storage!  I am once again re-thinking my ribbon & button storage, and so I picked up a bunch of Ball jars.  I've already got some ribbon on wooden clothespins and that is working nicely... it will look really pretty in all of the large jars I already have.  

I found a few old tonic and medicine bottles that I plan to witch-out, a cool wire basket, some vintage fabrics, and a Ball jar full of vintage buttons.  I did see ANY old card file drawers that I saw all over last year... I was hoping to score a few more of those.

The last photos are of some cool letter press metal dies I scored!  I'm going to display the whole grouping together except for the copper owl.  He'll go alongside some other copper stuff I have.

It's so weird to see how my tastes change over time.  I remember a day when there would have been NO WAY I would have any antique-y schtuff laying around.  Mod mod mod, baby.  Wait... does this mean I'm getting old?  ;)

What do you think?


Anna said...

LOL! Are you getting old?! Funny! Looks like you found some neat things!

Angela K said...

Great finds Barb! (I am able to leave posts again!!) Love your blog and all your creations TFS! Love all the Halloween stuff on the other blog too!!

Patti J. said...

I'll have to put a cane in your envelope, you ancient lady, you! Love your big weekend score! Yay for you! There's a place up here that has one of those nuts and bolts cabinets too - very 'spensive, and sigh...I don't have a place for it anyway! Great stuff!

LadybugSue said...

Awesome finds, lucky you I love antiques too!!

Chelsea said...

Oh how cool!!! Enjoy your new stash!! Sounds like a whole lotta fun!

Christine said...

you definitely scored!

Seleise said...

OMG! I should have scooted in on your Abilene shopping trip! Guess I need to spend a little extra time in the antique stores next time in town. Of course, you've gotten all the good stuff... LOL! I've been putting ribbon on clothespins too - great minds!!! have fun playing with all your new stuff!

Lisadwb said...

I love the spools (I only have a few- *need* some more!) And old bottles... I have always loved those! I haven't been to the antique store in ages (well, since BK= before kids, yikes, that has been 5 years!!) I have been getting the antique hunting itch.