This is a long post... one for Grandpa!

So I forgot I was in charge of putting together a guest book for Grandpa's shindig tomorrow!  Mom reminded me last night, so this is what I created.  I blotted out his name for this post, but it was stamped with TAC's Mini-bet in Burnt Umber ink.

I had fun with this.  I printed out an old-school photo of Gramps when he was a young man... pretty darn handsome, if I may say :)  I glued it to the back of the bookplate and then applied Crystal Lacquer.  I let it dry overnight and then applied another thick layer this morning.  It looks really cool IRL... like a bauble.

I stamped everything, since my handwriting blows most of the time.  I love all of the different fonts and how all of the edges are aged with distressing or sponging.  I also stamped on each of the interior pages:

"CELEBRATE ... you're kind of a big deal!"  How true is this?!  This is a huge milestone... a 90th birthday!  I can't even fathom all that he has seen or done.  I love all of his stories and am constantly amazed. One of my favorite stories was about when my mom had a date:

Grandpa asked the kid before they went out if he had a watch & he had said that he did.  They get home 10 minutes late and are just talking in the car (according to mom!).  Grandpa leans over to Grandma and says "for two cents, I'll go run that kid off"... Grandma says "You wouldn't!"  So he grabs a pair of pants & his shotgun, goes outside to the driver's side of the car and asks the young man "Do you know what time it is", "Yes Sir" says the young man... "then what the hell are you still doin' in my driveway?"

HAAA HAAA HAA  Granpa is giggling the whole time he walks my mom into the house, and of course Grandma smiles "Oh Morris" like she always did when he was ornery.  Needless to say, the boy was a little skiddish before their next date :)  Hee hee

He is such an ornery thing!  He comes off so loud & tough (a true badass), but I know what a softie he is ;)

In the back of the book I made a spot for a personal note to Grandpa from me... I'll just have to remind him that it is back there :)

Stamps:  Playful-bet & Mini-bet, Date Disks, Thinking of You (Hostess Level C), Interact & Celebration Invitation (both retired)

Paper:  Brown cardstock, misc. offwhite & cream cardstocks, patterned paper from stash (who knows where this came from!)

Ink:  Landscape, Burnt Umber, & Cognac Palettes

Other:  Bind-it-All & 1" rings, DCWV Neutrals chipboard stack, bookplate, BG ribbon, Pop Dots & Crystal Lacquer, misc. brass brads

What do you think?!


Teresa Jenkins said...

Barb this is just perfect! Wouldn't have guessed it to be last minute if you didn't say so, and I absolutely love the story you shared! Too funny!

Seleise said...

What a special guest book and WOW!! it's so special and beautifully and thoughtfully designed. I remain in awe of your talent! And, to put this fantastic bit together at the last minute - amazing! love, love, love the "bauble" pic on the front. AWESOME! Have fun celebrating the big day!!

lisa808 said...

What a special gift for your grandfather. Beautiful job.

Patti J. said...

What a nice gift for your granddad. You are so lucky to still have grandparents! We have no parents or grandparents left at all (very sad face here). So happy to see you loving and enjoying yours! Give him a hug for me! Great project! And girl, I really DO need your address!!! How funny - I have to email you a funny story!

Anna said...

Barb! This is wonderful! Great job, and fab manly project! I love using the word ornery too!

Jeanie said...

What a great book! I love it and bet your Grandpa did too. I hope he had a good birthday!

Danni said...


Christina said...

This is great! I'll bet he loves it! I miss my Grandpas!

LadybugSue said...

This is sooo special, 90 years and you did him proud. I love this book!

Rita said...

What a neat guest book! Like how you took his picture and added Crystal Lacquer to it. Thanks for the stories of him. rita w