Countdown to San Antonio and some more wonderful news...

I am a new Angel mama!! Yep, Brenda Hauff from Wichita is my newest downline! You can check out her blog HERE... be sure to stop in and show her some love!! Welcome to the TAC family, Brenda!

Well... I'm off to TAC's Escape retreat in San Antonio tomorrow morning!!! I can't wait... I had soooooo much fun last year :)

I am hoping to post a little sumpin' sumpin' while I'm down there, but NO PROMISES!! If I can't get photos uploaded, at least I can give some written description of some of the festivities, and more importantly, new stamps!!

'Night y'all!! :)


Seleise said...

Congrats on your new angel baby! And have fun in SA!

StampinCarol said...

Congrats on your new angel baby! And I hope you have a most wonderful time at Escape!!

Bren said...

I wondered how I was all of a sudden getting traffic on my blog from other TAC angels. You are so wonderful. The yahoo groups you suggest are wonderful. My started kit came today. Just not enough time. I have to find time for some things for work, but all I can think is stamps.

I am so excited. I can actually handout catalogs tomorrow to those that where wondering.

You are great! Enjoy your time in San Antonio and look forward to hereing from you when you get back.

Bren said...

Come check out my blog, I have left you a little surprise (an award). my blog