Is it really Monday tomorrow........ I think I'm sick.

Ok, just a real quick post... I'm pooped! Had a big Mom's Day out at my sister's house with darn near the whole crew! There were so many babies... they're soooooooooo cute! Really makes you want to have one, KWIM?

Anyway, first off, here is a card we did in one of my classes. Pretty simple, but a lot of fun to color! It uses the How Swell stamp set, Pop Rockz paper, Noir, Chartruese & Cote d'Azure Palette inks, and Lyra Aquacolor crayons (with the Niji waterbrush... awesome!). Oh! The flowers are from the Paisley Rockz stamp set!

A little more fun for you: how about a SNEAK PEEK at the upcoming July Catalogue?!! One of the great things about being an Angel with The Angel Company, I get to pre-purchase these babies ahead of time AND at an awesome price!! I can't wait! I love all four of these new sets! Check 'em out:

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